Mar 29, 2009

One Down- Three To Go

As some of you know, I am hosting a round robin with Vesna, Tammy, Julie and Marilyn. You can check out some of the work here. This took me a bit, I was too caught up in a vision I had. Instead, I had to relax, and let it come to me.

became this:


became this:

I won't show you what's behind the door - it's a surprise.

And the blank page on the back became this:

Enjoy! Hugs- Lee

Mar 27, 2009


Just a short note- I'm busy packing up things (instead of working on Vesna's book). I'm finding it painful- removing all of my beloved photos from the walls. It brings home the truth that we are leaving this house. I am leaving my home town, my parents, my sisters and my friends.

Chris really wants to go home to Maine. I cannot deny him that. And where he goes, I go. PERIOD.

I'm sure things will be fine once we get settled. Figuring out school, daycare, and work is a whole other headache...

Wish me luck.

Mar 24, 2009

Amazing Art - My First Swap Book Arrives

I have been anxiously awaiting my first book in the round robin I'm holding. Vesna, who is to send to me, has been busy with nursing school (you go, girl). She emailed me that she'd recently been inspired, gotten her book done and it was on the way to me.

It arrived yesterday, and I was totally blown away! She sent this mamzingly embossed leather photo album. It's small, only about 4 x 5 inches. The cover was sweetly tied with some string and a bell.

Inside are these amazing pages, filled with layers of papers, old photos, mica, paint, and copper findings. The first two pages are the poem. Vesna was inspired by (she asked to use a poem, rather than lyrics- same thing, right?)

Each of the players will have an folded insert to play with. Two inserts are blank, and one was made with an old envelope.

The rest have been started by Vesna. She sent instructions that we can deconstruct the pages as we wish, and add whatever we like to the included photos.

How fun, right? I'm a little intimidated, to be honest. She is an amazing artist. I've been sketching ideas all day... I'll let you see when I'm done. Meanwhile, you can check out our Flikr group.

Hugs- Lee

Mar 21, 2009

A ONE Day Sale - EXTENDED to next Sunday

Head on over to Twigs & Feathers at Lollishops and pick yourself up a little something.... then get a second item for 50% off (of equal or lesser value). Buy 2 items, get two items at 50% off- you get it, right?? This offer is good until 12 noon next Sunday.

I just listed a bunch of new stuff- kitchen items, planters, and chandelier crystals.

Just put BOGO in the comment section when you pay, and I will refund your discount through paypal- it's the only way to do it right now. But hey- who can pass up a bargain??

hugs- Lee

Mar 17, 2009

A New Look at Lollishops

The home page for Lollishops is sporting a new look.

You'll see a featured seller and newly listed items. We have some really wonderful party cones for you to use at your next shower or luncheon.

We also have some pretty prisms, just waiting for your creativity.

And how about a pretty easter apron?

Go check it out- and tell Sadie we sent you!

Mar 14, 2009

Taking a break!

We've all got the stomach bug here- and I'm pretty exhausted. Please come back in a week or so, and I should have something to say!

thanks- Lee

Mar 11, 2009

Mixed Media Book Giveaway

Many of your out there are familiar with Susan Tuttle. She is an amazing artist who has been published in lots of magazines. She also has her own books. Up for grabs is her latest, Exhibition 36: Mixed-Media Demonstrations + Explorations. I was smart enough to ask for it for Christmas, and Santa happily obliged. It is packed FULL of inspiring artitsts and their works.

Susan is having a random drawing for this book- and if I should happen to win it, it will be passed onto one of my bloggey buddies. The random drawing will be held on Wednesday, March 25th at noon.

I am hoping that when we move to Maine, I can catch up with Susan in person. I'd love to go on a dump treasure hunt with her!

hugs- Lee

Mar 7, 2009

A Southern Getaway

A year ago this past October, Tammy and I attended a scrapbook retreat in the Outer Banks, lovingly referred to as Getaway by those who attend. We met the lucious Miss Luz there. Sadly, this year we couldn't go. We talked about the fact that we loved getting away to craft, and wondered what we would do instead. We knew we wanted to get together, especially since we have been doing the Etsy and Lollishops thing together.

Months came and went, and we still had no plans. Then, Tammy came up with the idea of not only me coming to visit, but why not add a few to the mix? We kicked that idea around, and when we finally settled on a date- everything came into place. Friends, crafting, art - who could ask for more?

Then this came:

I'm telling you, I was practically screaming. I called Tammy right away, and said "I am peeing my pants, I'm so excited." I know, not a pretty thought, but can you see why??? And it's not even until the end of April.

Cocktails, hanging with the girls. And then it got better. Dawn Edmonson, of The Feathered Nest, will be coming- to hang out, teach a class, spend the night, and go to Savannah the next day!!

This amazing invitation book is seven pages long, both front and backs lovingly and meticulously designed. Tammy has an amazing skill with paper. Any scrapbook company out there would be lucky to have her on board. We have often talked about designing our own line of paper - now you can see why.

We'll each be bringing a little goody bag. These are going to be really fun to put together. I'll be making out like a bandit!
hugs- Lee

Mar 6, 2009

What do you Believe?

I bought this wooden banner a few weeks ago. It was on sale at a craft store and I couldn't pass it up. It's intended use was for Christmas I think, as it had a star near the "i" (which I cut off). But I thought it was very timely, with Easter approaching.

I called Tammy to get her opinion. She said she thought it had potential. So, I sanded, and painted, and glittered, and glued. (Let me just say that the paper on the back was a pain to do).

Today I finished it and listed it on Lollishops. It is so pretty, but darn it, it just doesn't photograph well. (I've tried making my own lightbox- but it hasn't worked so well).

When I was tying the garden-themed ribbon on, I though about how the word Believe can have so many meanings- and yet, ultimately the same. You can believe in the Almighty, whatever name you call Him by. You can believe in yourself, your dreams, the bulbs coming up, the birds returning... anything. And it all comes down to the same thing- the same energy- the same being. HIM.
Thank you God, for all of my Blessings.

Mar 4, 2009

We're REALLY Going!

It's official. The tickets have been booked. Tammy and I are heading to Spokane, Washington this summer for the FARM CHICKS show. ((screaming)) I cannot even put my excitement into words! Tammy and I have some big dreams, and this can now be crossed off of our "to-do" list. A big thanks and KISSES to Don, Tammy's husband, for making this happen.

Can't you see the resemblence?!?
I know it's early, but is anyone else out there going? Does anyone have a place they recommend to stay? See you there!
hugs- Lee

Mar 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, Baby

Three years ago today, my sweet youngest child, Adam was born. I don't even remember what time- maybe 3 a.m.? He ended up in ICU for a week, but you'd never know it now!! He is funny, sweet, and onery. He loves to say "I got it first!" and "Let me see!"

We are truly blessed to have him.

xoxo, Mommy