Nov 30, 2009

Home Alone, Sort Of

Being in an empty house is the pits. The boys are bored. I'm bored. All of our belongings are in a POD somewhere. Now don't get me wrong, I am extremely grateful to have a house, to have belongings, to be wishing for my holidays decorations... but I'm still bored and sick of being in limbo.

That being said, I had to close our Etsy and Lollishops until after the move. Half of the merchandise is packed, so it's not really feasible to keep the shops open.

However... it doesn't keep me from picking up items here and there. Our local flea market is a hit and miss kind of place, and a little over priced, but you never know what gems you're going to find:

So, in honor of my boredom and the fun of flea markets, I'm going to give away one of these items. Yes, even including the mercury glass garlands (I got those on eBay). Now, I have to tell you, the pink and silver seems to be about 8 feet long, but the blue is only about four. There are two vintage picks, a sweet little wooden hot air balloon, a papier mache lollipop, and some tin foil candle reflectors that could be used for anything (I will give you 4).

So, you know the drill. Leave a comment, get one chance. Link me back to your blog, get two. Become a follower, get three. Drawing will be on Friday- or sooner if we get the news we can go to settlement!!

hugs- Lee


Dorthe said...

Hi Lee, I understand that you`r feeling a bit lonely, and almost can´t wait untill you are moowing.
It must be real stressfull.
I love your giveaway, and would love to win, so please count me in.


Lori said...

Lee, what a bummer for you...having all of your things packed away...i am sorry for you...i would love to win that beautiful pink garland...i love it!!!

Gigi said...

I know how you feel! And being in flux - it's very stressful. But soon, you'll be in your new home and decorating it! Just keep your eyes on the goal!

Thanks for the words of support! Hubby is supporting me (now that I got the doctor's permission) and it hasn't been too bad. Thanks so much!

Unknown said...

Well aren't you sweet Lee...we're supposed to be cheering you up and you're giving us some cheer :) What delightful vintage Christmas goodies!!! I sure hope you are able to move into your new home soon and get all settled by Christmas...keeping my fingers crossed for you and sending a prayer your way!

:) t

Blasé said...

apparently you were bored when you commented on my blog...

Be looking out for my next 'You Say, I Say...

ooooh, weeeee

Joanne Kennedy said...

How sweet of you to brighten up the lifes of others when you are not all bright and happy yourself.

I would love to win the pink garland! I have been searching all over for some and have not been able to find any.


Tarnished Rose said...

So sorry to hear about everything being packed up in a POD. Oh my, do I EVER know how that feels.

I love the little Christmas pick with the presents. That is so cute. Please enter me in your giveaway.

I'm becoming a follower now and heading over to my blog to link a button back to you.

Hang in there. It'll get better.


Maple Ridge Vintage said...

Hi Lee....I know what it's like to move...not sure if I want to do it again or not...I am your newest follower and I have posted a link to you from my blog...Happy Holidays and hope you can relax and enjoy the season!!~~~~Hugs, Chris

Sandi said...

Love those garlands! Please enter me in your generous giveaway. Thank you so much!!!
PS I can't even imagine moving. It would take me forever to pack. lol

Sandi said...

Love the foil reflectors. I just became a follower, so count me in.


Sandi said...

Count me in for another ticket for the drawing.


Jeanne said...

OOOh I love a giveaway. And these are wonderful prizes! Love those reflectors and glass beads!
Count me in!

Auntie Cake said...

Sent over from the lovely Dawn. What a sweet giveaway. Good luck on moving!!!

Julia @ Vintage with Laces said...

I can imagine that this is a very boring time for you. Hopefully this will be over soon and you can start playing again with all the goodies that are stored away right now.

JaneT said...

Everything looks wonderful!!! said...

Moving is SO hard at holiday time, heck its always hard! Good luck-


she dreams big! said...

Moving is AWFUL! Hope you move before Christmas. I am a follower and will soon post about your giveaway on my blog so count me in 3 times! Lovin those mercury beads!

Angela said...

Hey Lee,
I wish I were closer to you so we could hang out, I have enough clutter and crap all around that you wouldn't be missing your stuff! I really have to get your goodies to you, do you want me to go ahead and send them to you at this address or wait for you to get to the new one?
love you girl,

Julie Ann said...

Hi Lee! I came to your blog from The Feathered Nest :) Ughh- I hate moving. We just moved into an old house at the beginning of November and we're still living out of boxes!! I hope you love the new place and will be able to get settled much faster than us hehe :) Your giveaway sounds wonderful and I will definitely be sending my followers your way! Take care :)

Tam said...

HI Lee,
I hope you get out of limbo soon! Thinking about you!

Tam said...

OOO I always follow your blog!