Apr 30, 2011

Spring Additions - **PIC HEAVY**

Lots going on here at the Weber Farm... my Mom, sister Christine, her two children, and my neice came to visit the week before Easter. We miss them so much, it was a great treat to have them here for 5 days!

We celebrated Adam's birthday.

We played outside.

So, what's new? To replace the four hens we lost to Red,

we picked up 6 chicks: 2 Barred Rock (black), 2 New Hampshire Red (yellow) and 2 Speckled Sussex (brown). They are really growing fast.

Already, we have moved them from the plastic tub to the min-coop. They zoom around, scratch, and sit on the roost. The barreds like to sit on the waterer and feeder too. Silly birds. They will soon go outside to join the big girls.

My parent's have a farm, Clarwood Welsh Ponies, and the grandchildren ride. My kids, unfortunately, are missing out in it. So, it makes sense to bring some of the ponies up here- after all, we have 12 acres just sitting here.  Enter Spring and Mariposa. Spring is 9 y.o. Mariposa is 2. Posey has some growing to do, and Spring is pretty much bomb proof- perfect for the boys.

Adam isn't all that interested, but Jason has been out ther every day, gooming Spring. Posey is a bit flighty for him, but she is coming along nicely. Having grown up on a farm, I believe learning to be confident around animals, especially large animals, is a huge plus for my boys. Learning how to care for them, including mucking stalls and cleaning water buckets, in all kind of weather, is an important lesson in life- not all things are easy, and all life deserves respect.

I'm hoping the nest addition to our place will be some apples! We spent some money and had our old trees pruned. We also graded around the house last fall, so we are in dire need of plants. Anyone have some good ideas??

hugs- Lee

Apr 16, 2011

A FUN giveaway!!

Budgets are tight....

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Musings of a Creative Life

hugs- Lee

Apr 11, 2011


OK, so I have been totally MIA these past few weeks. Yeah, I know... in order to keep readers coming back, I need to post. So, here goes....

The kids have been sick. I am beyond DONE with this winter (and now spring) cruddy illness that's going around. First Adam had a sniffly nose, fever and cough. Then Jason got it, and stayed home with a fever for a week, with nebs three times a day. Then both got a little better, now Adam has it again. Green stuff from the nose, the whole deal. SERIOUSLY DONE. The only thing I have to say is: WASH YOUR HANDS before touching my kid, K?

So, I mentioned it was spring, right? Yeah, well this is Maine. Bring on one last snow storm. UGH. And it was wet, pulling down lines, etc. We lost power for a day. Good thing we have a woodstove. Which, btw, the cats love!

Things continued to decline as three of my hens have been snatched by the local fox. First Pook. She was just gone one day, no evidence, nothing.

Clockwise from the top: Squeak, Bossy, Punkin, Mimi, Bella, and Pook
Then a few days ago I heard a rukus outside, and saw the most beautiful fox run by the house. A FOX. By the house. With my chickens out.

I run out, screaming, and chase him off the lawn. I am PETRIFIED. I come back in the house, get my shoes on, and run out to the back lawn.... to see the fox grab Bella and take off with her, and my MOST favorite Bossy dead on the snow. Feather littered the ground. Feathers and feathers and more feathers. Stewn across the snow. I hoped for a small second that she was still alive, but she wasn't. I picked her up and cried the whole way back to the barn. I seriously thought I was going to puke- not from the tiny amount of blood, but from the sheer grief and guilt.
Bella taking a dirt bath last week.
Bossy chick, before she fully feathered out.

Now, I know, they're just chickens.... but, they were also very friendly and fun and sweet. I only had 6, each a different color and personality. Yes- personality. Ah, my sweet girls.... Bossy and Pook laid the most gorgeous blue eggs. Bella's were brown. The remaining hens  are now in the coop and run for a few weeks, until Red figures out somewhere else to go grocery shopping. Did I mention that Chick Days start on Wednesday??
Last summer in our back field.

What else? Oh, still making the stupid curtains for the living room. I've already made 6 pairs of curtains out of drop cloths: two for the laundry room, four for the living room. They are a pain, and if I could even remotely afford to just buy 8 pairs of curtains for the living room, I would. Trust me. I think next I am going to paint the ceiling a pale, aqua blue.

My Mom and sister Christine and her boys are heading up this Saturday, bringing two Welsh ponies to add to my brood. Now, won't that be FUN!?!