Nov 19, 2011

Art Appreciation

First, let me thank Ramona and Terri for giving me shout outs on their blogs! Both were kind enough to go check out some new-to-me blogs, and enter my giveaway. Ramona received a box full of stuff (which she thinks I should sell), and Terri's prize is still in the planning stage! Lily chose a rose pin, which is about half-way done.

Shannon, one of the go-see-this-blog people, has asked for an ATC. Let me just say, that is a small canvas to work with!! Quite a challenge for me, as I have become accustomed to working in the 5x7 size, esp. with the Paper Digital Arts challenge groups.

I pretty much love the way this came out, BUT, and yes there is a but, the colors are a tad muddy for some reason. Hmmm, maybe a brighter white for the base. The other thing, her right hand is a bit goofy. When I enlarge the photo, she's holding a staff/wand in a funny way. What I really need is a tiny little buttlerfly to perch on top of the staff! Oh well, I think I may have to re-do this card.

Our Interpretations group came to an early end. Attention and effort was definitely waning. Then, when a member lost a spouse very suddenly, our fearless leader Kim (check our her link on the right side of my blog) decided it would be a good time to close. Too much going on in this member's life right now.

But, I did do a page for the translucent theme. I was inspired by the art done at sea by sailors, full of shells and whatever they could find. However, mine is more like a tribute to a sailor from a lover or wife.

Now, there are things I don't like. For instance, I should have paid attention to the book page I used. I had to white wash the front, because I felt like the content of the page was distracting. In hindsight, a sheet of music might have been better, or some lovely letter in Spencerian writing. But, I was playing with Mod Podge and glued about 6 pages together to make the base, so I wasn't really thinking about it. I suppose I could have still used book pages, then glued something else on top. Oh well. Leason learned.

PSA- the lovely silvery translucent scrapbook paper buckles when you glue it. What a pain. I can't imagine trying to use this stuff in scrapbooks- it would drive me crazy. I guess if I had glued it just around the edges, it might have flattened out more. I cute a piece to fit the opening (trying to conserve the lovely stuff) and then ran some glue about 1/4 inch outside the edge of the oval. Hrmph. I don't think I'll use it again.


Nov 14, 2011

Retro Cafe Art LOVE

So, one day I was over at FLICKR and checked into the latest updates from my contact list.
I was looking at Debrina's sPaRK*YouR*iMaGiNaTioN's photostream, and she had a giveaway for a sweet tin, in conjunction with Kris over at Retro Cafe Art.
So, I hopped on over there- and it was LOVE at first sight! (or site!!). Anyway, after browsing all of the amazing collages, etc., I picked up her blog button and put it on my blog.

Sad to say, I didn't win anything in the giveaway, but lovely gal that she is, Kristin sent me an email and let me choose 2 free digital collages, FOR FREE!! Is she an angel or what??

I picked the one below, and one of Mason Jars with French labels. I chose the faeries, because they were used to make sweet little faery jars with the mason jars.

Currently, mine are half made, but I wanted to share this site. Kris is constantly giving away stuff over there. Now- if I could just get her to give me some of the ATC sized mica....

hugs, Lee

Nov 10, 2011

Winners winners winners

Well, at least four of you out there went to go see these lovely blogs.. so,

Lili at Fearless Nesting a ROSE pin,

Terri at Pringle Hill Studio

Shannon from Tin Roof Studio an ATC,

and Ramona- from Better Than We Deserve, a box of goodies,

you all win!!

Tell me what you'd like, then I'll get to work!!

Thanks and a big shout out to those blogs!!

Nov 8, 2011


Many heartfelt thanks to those of you who chimed in with some good thoughts! Or condolences- whatever.

I'd like to say it was just the day, or that I'm better, but it's the same. Today I walked around thinking "I can't take much more." I'm hiding in the bathroom, crying. Crying in my car. My shoulders aren't feeling so broad these days. Not so strong. Chris and I vaccilate between holding on to each other, and circling each other warily. Each of us is a bit raw, a bit tender around the edges. We don't speak of the disappointments. It's the elephant in the room.

I told him to just find a job, anywhere, even if he has to be in another state. OUCH. Not where I saw myself. Not what I signed up for, this move to Maine. It was supposed to be for US, together... not far apart. Not in different states. But that dream is gone. Just gone. It must be something else...

Which leads me into this-I have been reading Shannon's  (I believe that's her name) blog Flower Patch Farmgirl for a number of months now. Like many bloggers out there, she recently wrote a 31 day series on the topic of her choice- Letting go. And boy, it really touched me.

Basically, for me, it means coming to terms with the move here, with letting go of home, of expectations, of how I thought things would work out here. Because frankly, they haven't-- not even close. Perhaps I am too busy fighting what God wants of me. Not what I want- what HE wants. Perhaps I am too busy grumbling to myself to hear what He is telling me. I don't know. I'm just putting it out there. At this point, we have made one bad decision after another. I'm thinking I need to make another type of decision. Like- to be STILL. To pay ATTENTION. Because obviously what I'm doing isn't working. I'm not sure of how to do that, exactly. I can admit that I'm damned scared to hear the answer.

What's God telling you?

Nov 6, 2011

Bloggy Love Time!! And a Giveaway!

As I have mentioned before, I am a member over at Paper Digital Arts, where I have been involved in the Interpretatiotins mixed media altered page swap. You can look through all of the photos that members have uploaded, and I have to say, that I REALLY love Shannon of Tin Roof Studio. The girl has serious talent.

So I followed her member page over to her blog, which as LOVELY art- and what do I see NADA, NOTHING, NO COMMENTS! Very sad. Very sad.

And then, I find the same thing over at Lynne's Gypsy Art. Great art, no comments. UGH.

So, here's what I'm proposing... head on over, leave a comment on both places, then let me know.

Up for grabs- your choice:

1. a box full of stuff from my stash- to include lace, metal number tags, a vintage laundry pin, maybe a mini-bottle or two, some glass glitter, and tons of other stuff.


2. a rose pin from my etsy store, which can be customized to what you would like.


3. a piece of art, your choice- ATC, 5x7 a la Interpretations pages, or a themed piece.

I'll pick the winner thursday, November 10.




Nov 5, 2011


I wanted to post something cool today. Some post about the latest art piece, or my silly boys, or some such thing. Something funny and smart and, well, maybe not so honest...

So what exactly do I mean by that? Well, like some many others of there, in so many places, things aren't so hunky dorey here. We are really struggling. Questioning every. single. decision we've made in the pat two years. Everything. Not so confidence-inspiring.

Maine is a beautiful place to live, but that's about it. Truly. The pay scale is terrible- I cut my earning potential by ONE-THIRD just by moving here. The job market stinks, just like every where else. Real estate- ha!! We couldn't sell this house if we had to. I wish we could. I really do. My bags are still packed from when we landed almost two years ago.

I'm scared. Every single day. Chris, my amazing husband, is home from school- pumped for a job that isn't materializing.  I still work part time- all the crappy employers around here post for part-time jobs- good luck finding full time.

So now what? I don't know. Keep holding my breath. Keep being stunned that I am almost 45 and in a sinking boat. Keep trying to be grateful for what I do have- at the moment, anyway.

Anyone want to buy a small farm?