Dec 24, 2011

Dec 22, 2011

Christmas gifts

As promised, here are the lovely things my pals sent me.

Tammy send me this cool glass carrier. I love it. It could be used for food or crafty goodies. Tammy also makes amazing tags, and this one will join some other ones on my tree.

Ramona sent me a timely box of bath salts, scented soap (vanilla, my fave), some glitter tags and a wall decal.

Thank you SO MUCH, my friends. This Christmas season is proving to be the most difficult yet.

xo Lee

Dec 15, 2011

A Lovely Giveaway!!

So, I'm realizing that I'm sounding quite whiney lately. Things are about the same, but at least hubby is working here and there.

I have received some wonderful stuff in the mail the past week or two. I'd love to show you, but the  camera is dead until the batteries charge. Ahhhh, kids. **I promise, I will add pictures this weekend!!

Anway, Ramona sent me wonderful box of goodies. This is pretty generous for a gal who lost most of her crafting/art supplies in a flooded basement. She is a gem of a blogging friend, and I can sincerely say that I wish I knew her in person!! She's a talented artist and crafter, wonderful mom, and manages to live and breathe her faith, act, run, and be politically active!!

Tammy, my BFF of 30 years, sent me a cool vintage looking glass carrier. It could be used for a ton of things, including drinks!! Tammy is extremely talented. She has this way with paper that I can only dream about. She has perserved through a lot of adversity, and still manages to have a smile on her face (with gorgeous teeth, I might add!) She has moved quite a few times, and manages to make each house a warm and cozy home. Her taste in impeccable, and Tammy is an amazing hostess. SIGH. (Can you tell I miss her??)

I know I've touted her talents many times before, but seriously, you have a chance to win a gorgeous bottle brush tree in her 4 year blogging anniversary (geez, how long have I been blogging...).

Go visit HERE

to win THIS:

And P.S. Katherine is giving this cool stamp set away. If you win it, please share...

Dec 4, 2011


Yeah, I know I've been a bit of a slacker lately... I have a pin to send to Lily, an ATC and some other things to send to Shannon, and I'm still thinkng about Terri's prize....

Things have been crazy here. Crazy like crying every day, hiding it away from everyone. Wandering around the house. Trying, trying, so hard to believe something good will happen soon. Feeling like this life of mine has become very surreal.

I know lots of people are struggling. Me too. I'm running out of steam.

I'd like to say I'm in the Christmas mood. Like to. But, I'm just hanging on, hoping Santa really does come this year.

Anyway, the biggest thing to remember is WHY we celebrate Christmas. I believe. I really do. And I know thing will be just fine.