Feb 23, 2013

Stalled Out...

That's exactly how I feel. I found out this week, from three different brokers, that we cannot qualify for a mortgage! To say I'm shocked would be an understatement.

We have owned two homes. We have sold both. We were never late on a payment, our mortgage wasn't underwater, we didn't default. We ended up with a small profit from our last home, mainly because we put such a large down payment on it. We lost thousands of dollars, but we got it sold.

We don't have any car payments. No grossly huge credit card bills. We BOTH work- BUT- and here's the rub: I am part-time (32 hrs a week), and my husband is basically a subcontractor. Although he has been working consistently, because there may be breaks in between the jobs, we cannot show a consistent pay check each week. And me? I make good money, more than a lot of people out there, but the paycheck isn't what gets your qualified- it the full-time vs. part-time. For real.

So, now what? We have to wait until the fall, if you go buy Chris' graduation date (which isn't when he rstarted working, really, but hey, I'll go with that). Or, in my case, until Jan. 2015 (I went part-time this past January) to buy a house. Now, if one of goes full-time, then it changes everything. So, what do I do? Maybe I should take some random job, at less than half of what I make now, and work full-time? Apparently, that's what if boils down to.

Oh, the other suggestions- get a co-signer. And I quote "Someone with good credit, but more importantly, strong income. A relative would be best." Oh right, 'cause our parents are retired and on fixed incomes- sure thing.

The moral of the story, the mortgage debacle hurts everyone. Even us, and we can afford a house, we just can't buy one. Go figure.

Feb 17, 2013

Late Valentine Hearts

I mentioned in a post or two ago that I was making hearts for a Valentine's swap, and I would show you a picture of them (if I had one- oops). I was in such a rush to get them down that I completely forget to take a picture of the finished product!

When I received my box in the mail, I opened it, but then quickly put it away. Have you ever done that? It's kind of like getting a new, fab magazine- you look through it a bit and save the rest for another time.

I don't have much alone time these days, and saving these treats was like a little gift to myself. I waited about a week, then pulled them out one night, while the kids were asleep and the house was quiet. Each one was unique! The best part about a swap with a theme is seeing how each artist interprets it.

I didn't actually get a chance to hang all of them up, which was a shame. I wanted to string them like a banner, with tiny clothespins, but that stuff is all packed away. So, I'll put them away, to be hung in our new home.

From swap hostess Tammy:

A gorgeous card, and a sweet ruffled heart.
From Jeanne over at Dream, Create, Inspire:
Lots of layers and red!
From Carla:
 This really cool envelope is made from a dress pattern, with the inside reinforced with fusible web, so it is really thick and durable.
 From Vivian over at Viv's Whimsy:
This little girl on a swing is so sweet!

From Sandy over at Sandy's Creations:
I lvo the 3D pop of the heart, and who can resist red glitter!
From Tammy's mom, Ruth, who does the most amazing crocheting and tatting:
My favorite color!
From Grace over at Pink In the City, a bag full of goodies:
I love the 'stache, and this amazing heart with wings and a Charlotte head!!
From Natalea ofver at Kandeland:
I love the three girls- reminds me of me and my sisters.

Thank you Tammy, for hosting this swap!

Feb 11, 2013

Eating Cake

It's my birthday! My BFF Tammy sent me this sweet package (the girl is a wizard with cards and paper). Isn't this a cute little bag?
Inside was an envie, decorated with a great little flower. Inside, a handmade card filled with paper hearts and lots of glitter!
 And then, this cool hanging plaque:

 I swear to you, I laughed out loud. This is Tammy and I in a nutshell!!
So, I'm off to eat cake!