Aug 21, 2008

My Newest Swap- a Dream Canvas

I made my first canvas for a ClubCreative swap due this month.I feel comfortable posting this, because my swap partner lives in Germany. I doubt she checks my blog.

I love this image. This gypsy woman had to have been so strong and fierce and independent, to be so different from everyone else. In an age when so many of us are concerned with fitting in, it's refreshing. It can serve as a reminder to all of us- it's OK to be different. More than that, diversity should be celebrated, not just tolerated.

I wonder what her dreams were? I wonder if any of them came true? Was she happy? Persecuted? Did she live long? Have any children?
Who knows, but I hope she knows that her spirit still lives on, even after all of this time.
Hugs- Lee
DOH- she caught me! Little did I know, but Diana checked my blog and left me a comment. You should see what I'm getting- go look! It's all in German, but you'll get the gist! She is one mighty talented lady, and I'm lucky to be her partner!


Diane of Crafty Passions said...

Everything has a story behind it.Its interesting to ponder what it might be.

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Wow very cool....such an expressive face. love your blog. cherry

Diana said...

I am checking your blog and I really like what I see :)