May 27, 2009

Getting Involved

I hopped over to see Angela's blog, and promptly went to see Rosalyn Sue's Little Bluebird Diaries. Her post on missing her husband, killed in war, was heart wrenching. Utterly heart wrenching. I can't imagine not having Chris, my husband, in my life. Her son is gorgeous, and the photo of him running amongst the "stones" is timeless. It really hit home because her son is not much younger than my littlest.

Chris is an ex-Marine (if there really is such a thing!). When the war heated up, he wanted to re-enlist. I was pregnant at the time. I don't know how serious he was, but I said no. Does that sound selfish? I don't know. I just know I didn't want to be without him.

Fast forward to this past Christmas. I wanted to send a care package overseas, but just couldn't seem to find the right organization. But Rosalyn Sue's blog pointed me to another organization, Operation Stars & Stripes. I signed up to send care packages. It seems like a small way to give a little back to my fellow countrymen and women, who are stading up for freedom. Go see the site. Sign up.

hugs- Lee


ramsam said...

It's a great idea...I love the thought of supporting that cause. We should all step up and support those who keep us safe and free!


Oh what a story...breaks my heart. Thanks for sharing it.

I hope you get settled soon. I hate that you are in limbo...grr..

No worries you will do the right thing.

Girl...get some stress-free time this weeekend..

Miss you a whole bumch!