May 13, 2010

Scenes from the farm

The weather is slowly warming in the far north of Maine. Actually, I'm in the southern end of Maine, but it's still pretty far north, right??

Anyway, moving in the middle of winter was tough. I have been anxiously awaiting this Spring, to see what flowers and shubs were growing here. I was told by someone who used to live here, a long time ago, that the gardens were beautiful.
Well, sad to say I think- I know- this place has been sadly neglected. The shrubs are old, past their prime. I have two lilac trees that are at least 15 feet tall, with blooms on the top 3 feet. You can see where they've been hacked at, improperly pruned.

I have bushes and shrubs that I 'm not even sure WHAT they are... crepe myrtle, maybe?

I have old apple trees that blossomed beautifully this year. I can only hope we'll have apples. The bees were humming happily, but I think these trees are past their prime. I hope to have them pruned back hard this fall, by a professional.

I found the old garden spot, complete with a huge bed of mint, some onions, and these purple topped things... anyone know what they are??

I have a side bed filled with who-knows-what, and some monarda. I love monarda.

But not many flowers here. Not a single peony. One, ONE tulip. Some daffodils, way down in the field. That's IT. The good news is, I met a retired horticulturist at work the other day, and he is going to come by in about a month and give me a hand. He needs to do volunteer work to keep his Master Gardener's certificate. The funny things is, he used to live in this town, knows my house, landscaped the place across the street, and knows a lot of people that I've recently met! I can't wait until he comes over!

Oh- and my new peeps.

hugs- Lee


whitaker imagery said...

the "purple topped things" are chives! isa loves to munch on ours when i am in the garden pulling weeds:)

The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Lee,

There is life there! That is not a crepe murtle. They don't survive that far North, but it is very pretty,
The herbs look great and the chives will come back every year. Plant some basil and thyme. Yum. Can't wait to see it all.

Gigi said...

I don't know what any of it is but if you post the pix on the Gardening forum at those ladies really know their stuff and could probably help you out.

Tam said...


My MOM called from VA and was telling me all about my Brothers and my Cousins new past time...Chickens. For EGGS and for Fried Chicken..

The Eggs I can do...the eating NOT SO MUCH. I get to attached!

Your New PEEPS are beautiful!!!

Tam said...

OH and BTW it was a GREAT MAIL DAY! I will have to post about that soon! You guys ROCK and I so love my ZINE! I sat in car line going over it and over it and over it....I wanted to run home and rifle through all my PAPER and DO something but I just did not know what I wanted to DO...LOL

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

The chives are tough when they bloom but they are beautiful. Cut them back and then they will come up young and tender.

What luck, finding a gardener who will work for free. What an adventure you are in for. I hope you do get apples, I wonder what kind they are.

Lori said...

Lee, how wonderful that you met someone who is going to help you with your yard...that was quite the stroke of luck...good for you...your property looks wonderful to me!!!