Oct 17, 2010

Before and After

We recently spend a bucket load of money on two new windows for our kitchen. They were old, single paned, and big heat wasters! We had the big orange store come out and do it, because they could custom order them, and we did the pay-it-off in a year with no interest plan (now, if we can just DO it!!).

It was a bit of a fiasco. The first time they were supposed to come, we diligently cleared everything out of the kitchen and dining area, only to receive a call that the window order had been mixed up. One window is very long as was to be three double hung windows, and the smaller window over the sink was to be a big pane with two smaller double hungs on the side. They switched them! Ugh. So, they had to be re-ordered.

Three weeks go by. Nothng. I call. Miraculously we get a call back in two days that they are ready. We schedule the date. We clean everything out- and they call again to cancel because the installer is sick. Great. Normally I am very understanding about this kind of stuff, but in this case, I was just ticked off. Mostly because it's already getting cold here, and I wanted to ge them in before we had to have gaping holes in the walls for a few hours during installation. Making it worse, Chris is scheduled to be out of town a lot over the next 2 months, and there was  no way I was having it done without him here. So, I called and gave them the ultimatum- have it done by this day or cancel the contract. Well, that got results! So, Before:

And after:

 We're not crazy about the new ones over the sink. The casings are too wide. We both think they look cheap- which they weren't! We have three other windows like this in the house- 2 in the laundry and one in the boys room. However, when we do replace them, they will three double hungs, just like the other new ones in the kitchen.
 This hole was open for a few hours, I was freezing!
 We eliminated the bow, because we want the outside of the hosue to be a little more uniform. It was the only bowed window.
Oh, and here's the kicker... The windows above are STILL incorrect. These are called 6 over 1- see the mullions? They are supposed to be 2 over 1 to match the rest of the house. They've been re-ordered- but seriously...?? LOL.

Happy fall.


Gigi said...

That kind of stuff makes me crazy!! Whatever happened to do your job right (the first time) and do it on time!

Lisa said...

we have two enormous bay windows in the front of our house that would keep ice cream cold frozen in the winter..luckily we like it cold!
I sympathize with your plight after having contractors in my house for a week for sewer, gas and hot water. We were without hot water for 8 days and the cleaning up..yuck! Sounds like you're going to be doing this type of thing for a long time!

Dorthe said...

Lee, dear--oh I get you....those things happens all over the world, and is so frustrating--great your last call, made a difference!!
Your house looks fantastic with the new windows, love it.
Hope you can soon have everything done corectly.
Hugs, Dorthe

Cassie Shella said...

You are a very patient person! I would have been throwing a fit the first time they ordered them wrong. They look wonderful - I hope after all that you like them:) LOVE the Twigs and Feathers Zine too! It came last Thursday and I purposely waited until the girls went to bed before I opened it. It was very worth the wait.