Dec 12, 2010

Cover Sneak Peak

For the Paper Digital Arts swap I mentioned, we are responsible for making a set of covers for ourselves and our partner. I don't know who my partner is, but this is what I  came up with.  (They are slightly blurry- I took them out on a cold porch to photograph, and I think the lense started to fog up.)

Front cover.

The inside cover is supposed to be a statement about our point of view.

Pretty plain, just supposed to give our info.

Back Cover
I refused to share the front cover on the PDA website, but since I don't hink anyone (except Jean) comes here, I thought I'd show them. The kicker- I may keep these and do similar ones for the swap... hehehe


Dorthe said...

It is wonderfull,Lee-love the color blue you used ,with the white statues on--

Lili said...

Beautifully done. Very inspiring with a feeling of spiritual calm. ~Lili

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

You are a very arty girl. This is so brilliant. I love the colours and textures you've used.