Mar 26, 2011


I just recently discovered what Zetiology is. Zetti (aka Zettiology) is a folk art style originated by Teesha and Tracy Moore. There's no real definition but there are some common characteristics such as static faces, striped legs, shapes for bodies, bright colors, found images, objects and papers, and lots of pointy hats.

I've seen it around, but didn't actually know the name. There are tons of examples out there, and Flickr has a great group.

Anyway, I ordered myself some collages from Tumble Fish Studio to get started with. Marsha has a great etsy shop, and I bought two collages for the faces, arms and legs.. Then I tailored these gals around two things: 1. Stampington has a call out for the color chartreuse, and 2. my next page for the altered book swap over at Paper Digital Arts, with the prompt "on the fly." (As you can see, I don't take prompts too literally).

Let me know what you think:

The bee body and wings are from the Graphics Fairy. The wings are coated with Diamond Glaze, which made them lift and curl in a very cool way. Glitter is from Martha Stewart.

#2. she still needs a quote.

The body is also from Tumble Fish. The butterfly image is from the internet. The aqua glitter is Stickles, and the pink is German glass glitter.

So, which should I submit, if I submit at all? Think they'd like it?

Addendum: So, I added the quote "Where can you fly"? to the bottom of Blondie. The brown ink from the twigs bled through the white ink (I have been having this problem all along). So I decided to add a spray of matte acrylic clear coat.  IT SMEARED!! CR@P. Now I have to wait to see if it can be fixed, or scrapped. DARN IT.


Lotus said...

these are great! I think you should just submit them all and see what happens! ; )
Love Marsha's collage sheets! The distorted faces one is one of my faves!


Oh my goodness Lee these are FABULOUS!!!! Okie the first one looks like Natalea and the other like Tammy a bit...I need a muse...ehhehe How do you like that set up?!!!!! Lovely work girl


The Other Side of Me said...


I like!! This is different artwork for you and it really rocks.. I agree submit both, but the first one is my fav. These would make cute note cards!


Terri Kahrs said...

Awesome work! You may have just discovered the world of Zetti's, but these fab creations look like you've been "at it" for a long time!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

kandeland said...

i just love Zetti stuff! thanks for the etsy link! xo nat

Cassie Shella said...

I love your girls! They are great. I have trouble sometimes with different layers bleeding as well. I found that if I spray a light coat of sealer on each layer, once dry, my different inks/paints don't bleed. Submit them both to Stampington:)

susie said...

Zetti is such a fun style & you accomplished it brillantly. I LOVE Marsh's design's & her Tumble Fish Studios is the perfect place for you to go play!!!