Apr 30, 2011

Spring Additions - **PIC HEAVY**

Lots going on here at the Weber Farm... my Mom, sister Christine, her two children, and my neice came to visit the week before Easter. We miss them so much, it was a great treat to have them here for 5 days!

We celebrated Adam's birthday.

We played outside.

So, what's new? To replace the four hens we lost to Red,

we picked up 6 chicks: 2 Barred Rock (black), 2 New Hampshire Red (yellow) and 2 Speckled Sussex (brown). They are really growing fast.

Already, we have moved them from the plastic tub to the min-coop. They zoom around, scratch, and sit on the roost. The barreds like to sit on the waterer and feeder too. Silly birds. They will soon go outside to join the big girls.

My parent's have a farm, Clarwood Welsh Ponies, and the grandchildren ride. My kids, unfortunately, are missing out in it. So, it makes sense to bring some of the ponies up here- after all, we have 12 acres just sitting here.  Enter Spring and Mariposa. Spring is 9 y.o. Mariposa is 2. Posey has some growing to do, and Spring is pretty much bomb proof- perfect for the boys.

Adam isn't all that interested, but Jason has been out ther every day, gooming Spring. Posey is a bit flighty for him, but she is coming along nicely. Having grown up on a farm, I believe learning to be confident around animals, especially large animals, is a huge plus for my boys. Learning how to care for them, including mucking stalls and cleaning water buckets, in all kind of weather, is an important lesson in life- not all things are easy, and all life deserves respect.

I'm hoping the nest addition to our place will be some apples! We spent some money and had our old trees pruned. We also graded around the house last fall, so we are in dire need of plants. Anyone have some good ideas??

hugs- Lee


ramsam said...

What a lovely country life! Can't wait to see all the art it inspires, too! Have a beautiful weekend.

Dorthe said...

Dear Lee, wonderful,to have family visiting- and having the horses on your ground, for the kids to learn,and have joyful moments with-is a great thing.
I wish you a wonderful sunday.

Gigi said...

It's so funny to see how different things are in your part of the country compared to mine. I look and see how the trees are still barren in your pictures and how mine aren't. And you are only several states away!

I don't know what grows well up in Maine, but I'd start with something hardy and evergreen as your foundation plants and then have fun with it from there.

Loved seeing the pictures of your family!

The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Lee,

Glad you had a great visit with Mom and Sister. The kids are all getting so big! Love the new additions. It is really a farm, now. Enjoy.



That's farm life for sure!!!!!
I'm so glad you got time to spend with your family and didn't have to be alone out there in the freeze land--hehehe

Miss you girl.
Great shots!!

Debbi said...

I haven't been around much for a while . . . missing my blog reading time . . . I am so excited for your family! How wonderfulto be able to board the horses! I was a horsey kid, too! My children didn't get to inherit that. What a terrific idea!