Jan 15, 2012

Supply Swap Time!

Ok boys and girls, time to go dig into your stash!!

As you know, I won  a membership to Jeanne Oliver's Creativley Made E-course. There is a members-only FB page, on which some funny gal posted about her talent for collecting stuff errrrrrrrrrrr supplies.  Supplies, we all love to hoard them, and yet how many of us have little treasures that have been sitting around, just waiting to be used.

Well, the wait is over!! This is a swap for anyone who wants to be involved. Even if it's just me and one other person....

 We can go two ways. One, stuff a $5.20 Priority Mail Box full of stuff and mail to your partner. Or two, use a larger bubble wrap type envelope, stuff, and mail. You tell me what you preference is, and majority rules.

So, let me know if you are interested. You can email me your address. If we decide to to envelopes, I'd like to pair people who are geographically close, especially if any of you are in Canada.

In your comment, please leave a list of things you want, or need to get rid of. That will help too!!

Today is Sunday, sign up will be for one week. Happy digging!!


Shannon said...

What a great idea, I'm in for either the box or the envelope.
I have lots of cardstock, patterned paper, brads, buttons, ribbons, lots of stuff...I mean supplies.
things I love, lace, metal bits and pieces, beads for stick pins, vintage papers of any kind, wallpaper samples, fibers, just about anything. Hope you have a good turnout for this.

Cinnibonbon said...

Nice idea Lee...but I'm afraid I've got nothing but junk--plus none of it is fully unpacked yet!!

Jean said...

Hi Lee! Great I am good for an envie or box! I have to swap: trims and lace, crafty style buttons, cabinet cards, atc blanks, wooden spools, ribbon, TH die cuts, fabric, wool felt, some distress inks in limited colors, distress crackle paint, puzzle pieces, decorative head pins!
As you can see I have lots of good junk. I am looking for glimmer mists, mulberry flowers all sizes, shabby chic papers, and beads.

Cassie said...

Hi Lee - I'm in if I'm not to late:) I have lots of yarn (cashmere wool blends) I also have roving. I have several powdered fabric dyes that have never been opened. I also lots of cross stitch/embroidery fabric (linin 18 count plus). I love anything old -papers, buttons, nick nacs, and I can always use tissue paper!