Mar 26, 2012

What the heck ?!? And a BIG can of Worms...

OK, weird title, but you'll see where I am going with this...

First and foremost, putting it out there that we are putting our house on the market has opened a whole can or worms. You know, the kind like "when are you listing it" "how much?" and the dreaded "what if it doesn't sell?"

My answer: I don't know. To all of them. I'd like to list soon, but we have some projects- like the bathroom- to finish up. How much- not sure, enough to pay the mortgage but enticing enough to get it sold. If it doesn't sell- ?? rent it out? leave it? stay??  I don't want to even think about it. This is a really cool house, with tons of potential- great big bedrooms, huge barn, and income property potential. Maybe even as a B&B. Anyone have any ideas??

In addition, it means a lot of work for me- paiting and more painting. Purging. Boxing. UGH.

Which brings me to the what the heck part- jeez Louise I have accumulated a lot of crafty crap supplies in my studio!! WTH did I think I was going to do with some of it?? I have been selling off beads and things on eBay. Most of the stuff I posted earlier is gone. But still.... really... maybe I need to be more discerning. Or get in there more and create!! hahaha

Seriously, if you have a fetish are a horder need some things, let me know what you're looking for. I may just end up mailing it to you!!


kandeland said...

oh boy! get out the aspirin! much LUCK to you! xo

Gigi said...

Not a crafter, so I can't think of anything you might have that I might need.

Just sending you hugs. And lots of wishes for a quick sale.