Sep 10, 2012

Under Contract!!

Well, it happened! About a week ago we got an offer, and came to an agreement this weekend. The contracts are signed, and now we just have to hear the results of the inspection and appraisal. I don't anticipate any real problems, but.... you never know. If things all go well, our settlement date is 10/31- Halloween!!

I also got a job, and am in the middle of getting my Pennsylvania licensure. Let's just say that the state is not fast, and doesn't make it easy. I have been drug tested and fingerprinted. I think it's appropriate, given my job, however, in this day and age of digital info- it really should be speedier. That, and if PA was a compact state, I could already be working on my Maine license. But, nooooooooooooooo, you have to obtain a slow-as-molasses PA license.

This delay will at least give me time to run up to Maine and finish packing. Ugh. Double ugh.

Can I just say I hate cortisol?? Seriously, my levels must be through the roof- and my weight is following. Crap. I have put on 5 pounds in one week. I did start running again, but only twice last week. The kids and I farm-sat for my parents this weekend, so the days that I should have been running were filled with barn chores and RAIN. Lots and losts of rain- like build an ark rain. Oh well.

Today is unbelievably lovely- in the 70s, sunny, bright blue sky, and breezy. Just like Maine. Maybe I brought the cool weather with me??

Hugs, Lee


Gigi said...

I am SO glad to hear that the house is under contract! That news just made my heart a little happier.

Jennifer said...

Congratulations Lee! I know you must be so relieved! That was so fast - quite a testament to all of your hard work and reno! Good luck wtih the rest of the move and I hope you find some peace and quiet soon!