Jan 18, 2013

A New Place to Land

I'm tired. I'm tired in ways that I haven't been in quite awhile. The four-days-in-a-row job has sapped my energy. I am so thankful to have a job, but man, do I feel old! Wow, it seems like a weird concept, but four days in a row is a killer for me. Since I graduated nursing school, I have worked 3 days a week. The12 hour shifts are long no doubt, but the trade-off of having 4 days off a week was nice!

Now, I am learning a whole new group of patients, new doctors, new procedures, new paperwork. I loved my job in Interventional Radiology, and this is similar in many ways. You tend to see the same types of patients over and over again. (Remember A? I never told you, but she died this past summer. She flitted through my life like butterfly... I wonder if she remembered me.)

My new colleagues are a great bunch. I have laughed a lot in these past four days.  I feel like I fit in with this group. It makes me happy to hear directly from them how glad they are that I was hired, and how after my interview they knew I was the one. Maybe that's karma, baby. Or really, answered prayers.

There are others things I am praying for. First and foremost, that some ponies get sold. Second, that we find a house. Third, that this year is a good one.

So, while my hair gets every grayer, and my legs ever more tired, I am smiling!


Gigi said...

I'm glad you are still smiling! But I know that tired feeling of which you speak.

Here's hoping/praying that 2013 is everything we need it to be!

The Other Side of Me said...

hi Lee,

Glad the job is working out. It really helps when you like the people you work. This is going to be your year. I can feel it!!!