May 15, 2013

Mail Call!

Gotta love getting fun stuff in the mail- and this bottle chock full of stuff is no exception!

What a wonderful surprise! In this day and age of electronic correspondence, I think we've all forgotten how fun it is to get REAL mail.

This wonderful treasure came from my blogger friend Terri Kahrs, from Pringle Hill Studio. I have long admired her work, and we became friends via tons of emails, texts, and phone calls. This is a woman I need to meet in person!!

THANK YOU Terri, for sending my such a wonderful pick-me-up! Now, let's meet up in New Hope and get some ART on!

What cool thing have you received in the mail??

Hugs, Lee


.Trudi Sissons said...

Wow! Lucky you. Terri is a beautiful AND generous soul!

Gigi said...

I LOVE getting real mail (as long as it isn't bills!)! What a fun package to receive.