Mar 24, 2009

Amazing Art - My First Swap Book Arrives

I have been anxiously awaiting my first book in the round robin I'm holding. Vesna, who is to send to me, has been busy with nursing school (you go, girl). She emailed me that she'd recently been inspired, gotten her book done and it was on the way to me.

It arrived yesterday, and I was totally blown away! She sent this mamzingly embossed leather photo album. It's small, only about 4 x 5 inches. The cover was sweetly tied with some string and a bell.

Inside are these amazing pages, filled with layers of papers, old photos, mica, paint, and copper findings. The first two pages are the poem. Vesna was inspired by (she asked to use a poem, rather than lyrics- same thing, right?)

Each of the players will have an folded insert to play with. Two inserts are blank, and one was made with an old envelope.

The rest have been started by Vesna. She sent instructions that we can deconstruct the pages as we wish, and add whatever we like to the included photos.

How fun, right? I'm a little intimidated, to be honest. She is an amazing artist. I've been sketching ideas all day... I'll let you see when I'm done. Meanwhile, you can check out our Flikr group.

Hugs- Lee


Lori said...

Lee, i love your new banner...Vesna's book looks amazing...i can't wait to see more of this round robin...

natalea said...

it looks amazing! round robins are so fun to see revealed...have fun with it!
xo natalea

ramsam said...

Love the new blog look!
These are incredible books, yes I am a little intimidated, but always inspired. Thank you

Julie said...

I too, love your new banner. Vesna's book is lovely - I love those little photo albums - I collect them actually. What a fun size to work with and small enough to sit on a nightstand when it is finished.

I have been thinking about the next three altered books I want to dive into next....I'm hooked!

Thank you Lee for giving me this experience.