Mar 11, 2009

Mixed Media Book Giveaway

Many of your out there are familiar with Susan Tuttle. She is an amazing artist who has been published in lots of magazines. She also has her own books. Up for grabs is her latest, Exhibition 36: Mixed-Media Demonstrations + Explorations. I was smart enough to ask for it for Christmas, and Santa happily obliged. It is packed FULL of inspiring artitsts and their works.

Susan is having a random drawing for this book- and if I should happen to win it, it will be passed onto one of my bloggey buddies. The random drawing will be held on Wednesday, March 25th at noon.

I am hoping that when we move to Maine, I can catch up with Susan in person. I'd love to go on a dump treasure hunt with her!

hugs- Lee

1 comment:

Susan Tuttle said...

Thanks for posting this Lee!

We will go dump diving for sure.:)

I just sent you an email.