Apr 26, 2009

Baby, It's Hot Outside

Well, spring is here, and today it feels like summer- being well into the 80s. While drinking my coffee this morning, Adam started screeching LOOK, while at the window. I did, only to see the neighbors 4 horses go through the yard. Interesting. She didn't answer the door when I went to tell her, but did answer the phone when I called. She came and got them, without even a thanks. Nice.

Not much crafty going on- too busy with the house and getting ready for Girls Weekend.

I wanted to take some pictures of the flowers in my yard, but haven't... this time of year there are wild violets everywhere. They are such a pest, but they are so pretty on the back lawn.

Update on the Maine property: the seller wants an additional week to find somewhere to live... Not sure what that means, other than because the property has sat for so long that she hadn't been out looking. Which is WEIRD to me. But it sounds good in that she might accept our bid.

Have a good week, I'm off to Georgia on Thursday. Bringing Don some Tim Horton's, and Shelby something Scooby Doo.

hugs- Lee


Lori said...

Lee, i hope you get that house...have a great time in Georgia!!!

Valerianas Studio said...

I keep my fingers crossed, too! I have been looking for a new house for two years now - never found something that really fit, but I keep looking!

natalea said...

see you tomorrow Lee!!!!!
xo natalea

Angela said...

I hope that you have arrived home safely and wanted to tell you how much fun I had with y'all at Tammy's this weekend...I can't wait to hang with you again and hope that we keep in touch! Thanks for making this weekend(at least my part of it) one of the best times I have had hanging with the girls!!

irishirish15 said...

Hi Lee! The house looks great - good luck I hope you get it. Just wanted to pop in and say hi to see what you've been up to ...miss seeing/chatting with you in Scrapvillage. :-) Eileen