Apr 21, 2009

It Was A Loooooong Ride

So we headed to Maine this past weekend. My husband drove U-Haul full of stuff to put into storage, and I followed behind him. By myself. For 12 hours. With 2 kids. Yeah....

Jason was buckled in, really. He thinks it's cool to pull the shoulder strap down when he thinks I can't see him in the rear view mirror. Actually, the kids were really good. They did as best they could for being so young.

We landed at my in-laws, and we thoroughly enjoyed their company. The kids had a blast roasting marshmallows, although Adam did touch a hot rock.

We looked at two properties, each completely different than the other. Chris has had his heart set on the one, so WE DID IT. We put a bid in. I doubt the seller will accept it. Her property, although large, is grossly over priced. It's been sitting on the market for over 6 months, with not a single offer. We're keeping our fingers crossed.

I have another mover coming today to give me an estimate. Then, it will be off to my mom's to see the new pony foals.

Enjoy the day! Lee

PS- the mover never showed. No biggie. The foals are SOOOO cute. And the seller's realtor (whom we've met too) is meeting with the seller and her son on Thursday to discuss our offer. Is that good or bad??

PSS- a few more pictures:

the barn looks like it should be torn down.
the front sitting room
one of the bedrooms. Check out the pumpkin pine floors- to DIE for.


Lori said...

Lee, your boys are so cute:) glad you made it safely to your destination...happy house hunting...and good luck!!!

Tam said...

YOU never know the owner may be ready to deal after six months of no offers! I will cross my fingers for YOU!


Play hard ball girl!!!! Don't cave in.--let them sell you that house. You're in that drivers seat right now!!!

I loved the pictures of your boys..so so adorable!!!

You sound happy , I'm glad you are enjoying this experience.

PS..love that house--mmmmm...the land is awesome--I would so put a mall next to it, though...LOL. That's my kind of country living..

XOXOXO...see you soon.

Angela said...

I once drove 10 hrs with my 3 boys to NC and back, my grandmother wasn't expected to live for long and so I rushed, never noticing that my 9 yr. old and I were both coming down with a stomach virus...needless to say it was a miserable trip and we spread the "love" to everyone up there!
If y'all get that house and the barn has to come down, PLEASE call me. I so desperately want some barn wood! Hey or you could just work on it some and I can go in with you and Tammy to start Farm Chicks-East Coast style,haha.