Jul 16, 2009


My sisters and I took our children down to the river in Maryland, at Crystal Beach.

The river and bay meet each other there.

The beach is sandy, with shells galore.

The water is fresh, but brackish.

There are no waves, no undertow, just the occasional wake from a passing boat.

The kids stayed in the water for about 3 hours. It was a quiet ride home.


The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Lee,
Glad you got to spend some time with your sisters. The kids must have had a ball.
Call you when I get home.

Lori said...

a quiet ride home...LOL...they were all tired out from having so much fun...it looks really pretty there Lee!!!

Blasé said...

The way I see it....I trust everyone got well aquainted with SPF/45?? I just recently had the umpteenth surgery removing skin cancer from my person. Repercussions from my teen years.

Sorry, I'm not only "twisted"...but I also have that 'Father' side of me, too. ;)


LOL...nothing like fun and sun to wear out the kiddos.

You're looking good. I'm glad you ahd a chance to spend time with your sisters!!

natalea said...

Ahhh...makes me want to jump in the lake! xo

gypsywoman said...

looks as if all of you had a great day outdoors - gee, i remember those days of kiddies playing till they can't play anymore and then the quiet ride home....beautiful moments from yesteryear! thanks for sharing yours with all of us!