Sep 27, 2010

A Little More Sneaky Peeky

OK gals, this is just a little of what's coming... we're due to launch the Fall Zine in the first week of October! Tammy and I have been hard at work, with Tammy doing ALL of the layout. (I think it's time I do some PE classes). Natalea Kanderfer is back, with an amazing 2 page journaling spot. And Tracey Leber, of French Larkspur, has chimed in with some sugary goodness.

This 36 page issue is FULL of eye candy. You can pre-order here:

Don't miss this issue! hugs, Lee


Dorthe said...

Lee, it looks to be a wonderfull new zine, -can`t wait to see a bit more from it, -I`m sure it will be as wonderfull as the one from last year,-and wishes you all the best ,with this new number.
Hugs, to you dear.

ramsam said...

I think I ordered this, but I don't remember! Wheere can I check? If I haven't ordered it, I must! It looks fab, I can't wait.

natalea said...

it's so exciting! can't's looking wonderful!xo

koralee said...

This looks amazing..just found you and so glad I did. Off to find out more.


Ohhhh so very nice! You girls are way too much!

Cassie Shella said...

This looks so cool I wanted to just reach out and grab it and start reading. I'm going to go and pre- order now. I can't wait! Have a wonderful weekend.