Sep 16, 2010

Number Goodness

Ok, I have a thing for numbers. There. I admitted it.
Why? I don't know. I m attracted to numbers and letters, actually.

(These aren't mine- any of them- I'm just lusting after them.)

Paper ones- you name it. If I could bid on all the ones listed on eBay, I would.
And metal?!? Don't even get me started. I have a drawer full. I love to browse eBay and see what's out there. I also have to say, some are ridiculously priced. I mean, I would love a nice, big cow ear tag, but not for what they're listed for. SIGH.
My barn and tractor shed have some old cool tags from the lightning rod company that installed the system back in the 70s. Trust me- it's taken all my self-control to not rip those things right off.
Here's the best of both worlds...
What do you have a fetish for like?


Lisa said...

i used an old water fawcett head from our house in a piece that KC has of mine..Found it in my hubby's tool box! Our house is about 90 years old...Once i was trying one of the keys to the bedroom doors to see if it worked the lock and now it's permanently stuck in the lock!
We are thieves in our own homes!LOL

Dorthe said...

Lee, the metal tags, are fantastic, I soo understand you being in love with them-you have a great collection.
Happy week-end,dear.

she dreams big! said...

Me too Lee! Maybe the numbers are my absolute favorites because I can never think of anything clever to spell out with the letters!

Cassie Shella said...

I love old spools of thread, buttons, and old sewing patterns. If I collected any more of this stuff the hubby would about go crazy! Have a great week.

Mary Ellen said...

Love those metal tags!! Isn't it funny how numbers and tags are all the rage these days.

My fetish has always been dishes!! Old handpainted dishes with roses- just love im!

bee blessed

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

I collect recipes. I'm obsessed. I hardly ever fix them but I collect them anyway. By the way, your numbers are beeeutiful. Can you remember phone numbers too? Oh me, They evade me. I forget them after looking them up and have to look them up again.