Jan 27, 2011

Where I Create

One of the perks of moving into this big house is that I have a WHOLE room for my studio! No more cramped spot in the basement!!

It is a work in progress. I move things around.

I purge. I buy. I stash.

I display. I also create- but in this cold winter, I'm also in the kitchen infront of the stove! I am one lucky gal.  Where do you create?


ramsam said...

Oh, to have that space!!!!!
It will be fun to watch it progress as you put your personal touch in the room.

And even more fun to wtch what you create there!

Gigi said...

You ARE a lucky girl! Not only do you have that wonderful space - you can also create!

Lovey said...


Lili said...

We are lucky to have space in our basement studio but it's a little chilly this time of year due to keeping the furnace on 50 in that part of the house. I always end up dragging my stuff up to our winter living area near the woodstove too! You have a great spot and it looks like there is plenty of storage too. ~Lili

Cassie Shella said...

Wow! A whole room to yourself, I'm a little jealous. I have one half of a small 8x10 office that if very cramped. In fact most of my creating is done at the dining room table. Which actually isn't bad, since I have young children, this allows me to create and still keep an eye on them:)


Oh lee--you have some wonderful space here! I like how you have your table floating in the middle like that. I love that you have a space all to yourself. It's nice to retreat too when you need time.

The Other Side of Me said...

Hey Chick,

Your room is awesome. Finally a room of your own. Your own Mom cave! Enjoy decorating and making it your special space!!


T's Daily Treasures said...

You are truly fortunate to have such a great space to work in. My supplies are in drawers and cupboards and baskets so I can never find a thing, or at least not all the things I want at any given time so I don't craft much. Yarn is easy to find so I crochet instead. Love your beautiful fabric collages in the previous post. Best wishes for a wonderful weekend. Tammy

karen said...

Nice work space! My space is in the basement, but it's a nice finished room that my husband built for me a couple of years ago. For some reason, I still seem to drag everything upstairs and make a mess when I'm creating.

Dorthe said...

Lee, how wonderfull for you, with this great ,big room--I ,too. love my big work-room, and it was very quickly filled with ..........and....and!!!

I love your art in the post below-
Hugs, Dorthe

Dapoppins said...

What a great space! You are so blessed to have room to spread out!
You'll laugh, but I create at the foot of my bed, on the floor!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I do my creating on the dining room table!! I'd love to have a whole room to myself like yours. You lucky thing, you!!!