May 25, 2011

Some Artsy Stuff

Here's the lastest installation from the Paper Digital Arts Design Team. We were provided with a collage sheet of Theda Bara pictures. Theda was a silent screen actress, and from what I've read, there are NO recordings of her voice anywhere. (you know, how some silent screen actors made the transition...)

To start with, it was a difficult subject for me. I'm just not that into this type of subject. However, I gave the old college (or should I say collage) try, and I came up with this banner. Normally, I would try to do the "odd" number thing to keep it visually balanced and interesting, but it just wasn't happening... mostly because the word I chose to use was 4 lettered- VAMP. Theda earned the nickname for her femme fatale roles. She made more than 40 films between 1914 and 1926, but complete prints of only six still exist.

The parameters for this month's Design Team challenge, besides the pictures, was to use only ONE other color. I chose purple- a very regal color, don't you think? I started with two sheets of black and white patterned paper. The white pattern was a flower motif on one sheet, and butterflies on the other. I embellished it Zentangle style with a white gel pen.

Each photo was matted in purple paper, and the chipboard letters were covered in tons of glitter.

I wanted to add some further sparkle, so I added clear and purple seed beads, as well as diamond glaze.

The ribbon that I strung the banner on is vintage black rick rack. The V in it holds the pieces exactly where I want them. Plus, I thought it added some visual interest.

I have to talk to Kim, the wonderful woman who runs PDA, but I'm thinking this banner should be given away.... what do you say??


Dorthe said...

Hi Lee, they are gorgeus, and so like you say..visually beautiful, sitting in tge "flag" lobe the lilac color, and all your vamps.

Cassie Shella said...

I think your banner is gorgeous! I love the colors (purple is my daughter's favorite color). Very well done:)

susie said...

Very cool piece friend & I do love that crazy early age of Hollywood...there was magic there then, now just a bunch of Lindsey Lohan's.
Great job & love the purple accents!
Happy Holiday Weekend...

Lili said...

Hey that turned out really cool! Love the purple and the glitter touches. ~Lili

ramsam said...

Oh, I think it is great!
I am working on a banner for my tub/bathroom space, so I love the inspiration!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Hi lovely,

Wowee! You are a crafty queen!! That's brilliant! I love the purple with the black and white.