Aug 2, 2011

It's A Little Lonely

In an unexpeted turn of events this weekend, like in a two hour span on Sunday, the boys headed to Pa. with Chris to spend two weeks with in the family.

That's right - TWO WEEKS.

I can't remember the last time I had this much time alone. It's been almost eight years since Jason was born. Eight years. That's a long time. Now, that's not to say I haven't had days here and there. But there's always an underlying feeling of having to rush during those moments. Rush to get things done, rush to pick the kids up-- clock watching. You know what I mean.

Believe it or not, as long as two weeks sounds, I do have commitments to work and babysitting a co-workers kids to keep me busy.

But, there is going to be significant time for me to be alone. Alone! It gives me time to do chores around here- continue the endless painting, purge toys, clean out various boxes and rooms.

It also give me studio time. It gives me time to go to the pond and sit and read a book. It gives me time for reflection. I have a lot circling in this brain of mine. I'm considering a job change. A haircut. Running. Being healthy. Becoming more sufficient here at the farm.

Lots to consider, and two weeks to do it.


she dreams big! said...

Oh the joy of being footloose and fancy free for two whole weeks! I'm sure you will get a little lonely but don't forget to do things for yourself! Meet with friends for lunch, get a pedicure, spend all the time that you want in your studio and create beautiful things! Eat all of that unhealthy stuff you won't let your kids have. Chores will wait. Enjoy!

Hope you are feeling better!

Dorthe said...

You enjoy it dear, take time in your studio, and at the lake,-have fun- and relax- there can maybe go many years before you have 2 weeks allone again , :)

Gigi said...

Oh wow! Two whole weeks......yes, it will be a bit lonely but the thought of all that free time....

kandeland said...

ENJOY it Lee! I'm seriously envious right now! Do some things you never did it up girl! xoxo

ramsam said...

Lee, two weeks sounds so divine. I love my busy life...I admit it, but I love it much more after a solitary break from it. All the things you have planned sound great!

The Other Side of Me said...

I am soooo jealous. What a great opportunity to take care of just YOU! You deserve it and it is way over due. Take lots of pics and take us along on your 2 week Mom-cation!
Love to you,