Jul 26, 2011

here's the real deal

OK, so you know I had a procedure, right? I have this pesky, HUGE fibroid that likes to sit on my bladder and keep me up all night... so I had a uterine artery embolization. Long story short- needle/catheter in through the groin, into the artery, snake it up, shoot arteries feeding fibroid full of little beads to clot it off and kill it. Voila.

Well, of course I had a complication- bleeding at the groin. Thank God a co-worker was there to hold pressure, while it took the staff TEN minutes to answer the bell. I spend the night (he was going to let me go home). I spend another 12 hours on bedrest. UGH.

Fast forward to the next day, no cramps or pains like I thought I would have, so I go home.
My Dad and brother-in-law came up to take care of me until Saturday. They did great, the kids had a blast.
The cramping started Friday morning, and escalated. I thought Sunday morning I would have go to the hospital for pain control. I got it under control eventually, but the pain meds make me itch. Of course. I am constipated from the narcotics. Of course. And for someone with irritable bowel to begin with- not pretty.

I am tired and weary and sporting a fever. Feeling like I have the flu (which is expected). Feeling crappy. Now let me just say that I chose to have this done. The symptoms are getting pretty bad, and it will take 3-6 months for the fibroid to shrink to it's final size. I chose this, because I cannot wait until the end of October when Chris gets done school. Oh LORD, what was I thinking?? I was thinking that I'd rather do this than have a hysterectomy. I do not have time for that.

What hurts me is the complete lack of help from people that I thought were my friends. Maybe that's telling me something, I don't know. I am a nurse at heart, a very loyal friend, and I would offer to bring you meals, take the kids, whatever... so where are my friends? Hmmmm. Just something to think about.

My question to you- do you go our of your way to help those you love? What about friends? Casual acquaintances? Do you think outside the box? Do you ask yourself "am I giving enough?" Do I "do" for others? I think it's very easy to get "stuck" inside our own lives. But let me tell you, there are those of us out here who could use some kindness. Really.


Sarah said...

I am sorry you are having such a rough time Lee. Its hard when those you count on don't come through for you. I agree with you completely about dropping off a meal or helping out with your kids. I am happy to do that at the drop of the hat and wish I could help you. Just know that you are in my thoughts and I hope you feel better soon.

Lynnae said...

I try to help friends when they need help, but there have been times when a friend was going through something and I had no idea what they were going through. Then I felt bad. Sorry I can't bring in a meal or something, but it's a good reminder to keep my eyes and ears open to the needs of others. I hope you get feeling better soon.

Lynnae said...
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Gigi said...

I always ask, if I know there is something going on, if there is anything I can do. And then, I do it. But I find that 9 times out of 10 I'm told that they have it covered.

I'm so sorry you are going through all this - if I were there I'd make Hubby cook for you so I could bring you meals and I'd anything else that needed doing (except for cooking - that would be to your benefit; I promise).

The Other Side of Me said...

Hey Lee,
Glad you had it done finally, but sounds like the days after really sucked! Glad that the guys were there for you and to take care of the boys. Just got home today from Cali. Will call you tomorrow am.

Love you,

vera said...

That stinks! I am sorry you have had a rough recovery. I have noticed whenever there is some life-changing event you can figure out who you can count on and who just uses pretty words and does nothing. ::Hugs::

Cassie Shella said...

Lee I really hope you feel better soon! I'm saying lots of prayers. If I thought it wouldn't spoil (certainly don't want to make you feel worse)I would mail you a meal:) Our church has a meal ministry; basically it's for things just like you had - a scheduled surgery. You call and put your name on the list and then someone cooks food for you - it's wonderful! Rest up and be good to yourself -Blessings.