Jul 6, 2011

Wood and Flowers

It's beautiful out today. It's warm and sunny. The green here is still so bright and fresh- not the dark green that often comes after lots of heat. I grabbed coffee and headed out to the barn. The goats were bawling for breakfast. The chickens bawking to get out- OUT they say!

That's where we should be. Eating breakfast and drinking coffee in the meadows and the orchard.
Perhaps. someday, I'll have a party there. Lights strung, the tub full of ice and drinks.

Lots of laughter in the shadows. Someday.
The wildflowers are in bloom here. Fields and fields of them. I wish I could capture it better on my camera. When I look out, I see a sea of greens and purples. I love the purple weed- kvetch perhaps?

I'm posting some additional pictures of the barn.



kandeland said...

it must be so relaxing and serene living where you do! always the ability to connect with nature...so pretty Lee!
Hoping you are enjoying your summer.
xo nat

Gigi said...

I don't see how you ever get anything done! I wouldn't. I'd just be sitting there soaking it all in!

The Other Side of Me said...

Wow the barn is so huge. Everything looks so pretty. Glad you are enjoying the summer a bit!


HRH Sarah said...

Loving that barn! And fields of wildflowers, too. Wishing I lived closer, I would love to see a great big vintage/antique/farmer's market in that enormous barn.

Lili said...

Oh forgot to tell you I love your music on here. My goodness your barn is so awesome and what a gorgeous setting you have. Yes I can see it! A party with lights and a tub full of ice and cold drinks! Simply dreamy Lee. ~Lili