Jul 9, 2011

Bedroom Updates

So, I talked to my mom the other day. She asked me if I had painted the bedroom black yet. Well, not exactly....

Why you ask?? Well, because decided to do it properly and started from the top- painting the ceiling first. Ugh. I started with one color of ceiling white, then switched brands to get the one with the pink colorant in it. Let me just say- of course- that they aren't the same color and I had to paint it twice. 

Then, THREE STINKING coats on the walls, including cutting in around 5 doors and two windows, and wainscoting. I mean- seriously- what was I thinking??

Then came the time- do I paint the trim black?  Nope, decided on white- the room is too small with too many doors to not end up dark and choppy.

The doors? They're going to be black.

The wainscoting? I'm undecided. So...
Enter the primer. Yes, this wood must be primed. Two coats of Kilz on FIVE doorframes. (Oh, did I mention I have a 5 gallon bucket of Kilz... yeah, that's how much painting this house needs. And, Kilz is not my fave, BIN is better.)

I have primed one of the windows. Believe it or not, I will totally finish the window before starting the other. Why? It gets light very early in Maine, like 0430-0445. So, you see my conundrum.

So, here's a few before pictures, wall by wall, so you can tell me what you think as far as the folding doors- black or white?

I will post some in-process pictures tomorrow. Stay tuned!!


Lili said...

Very cool Lee! Can't wait to see what you decide. I painted our bedroom black a couple years ago and I love it. Actually the color is called Sealskin. Just getting caught up over here with you, would love to meet you in person if you ever get up this way! ~Lili

Cassie Shella said...

Wow that's a lot of woodwork to paint! But it's going to look soooo good when you finish:) I hope you are having a good summer.

Kelly said...

Hi Lee. Thanks for stopping by Mainely Ewes Farm. I have met so many nurses who are back on the farm. I love the pictures of your painting. OMG we are living parallel lives! I like Binz better too. Oh yes there are different whites! We painted the trim white (Kilz)in our house and had the knots bleed through. We repainted with Binz and no bleed through. Our house is very old, strange, un square (is that a term) as possible. We hung a flat screen tv in the living room and made sure it was level. Well, the room isn't and the tv had to be readjusted to make it look right. LOL. Best of luck with the painting.

Terri Parham Marchesseault said...

Hi there, I did a Google search on 'black wains coting' and found your site. The photos you have posted of the dark brown wains coting looks just like our home. I'm curious if you've done anything to them. I've contemplated painting ours white, but decided to use a deep mahogony stain... looks almost black in the right light, but it's shiny. Not sure how I like it. It does look much better than it did when we first moved into the 101 year old home. Anyway... just looking for other ideas to brighten up the place. Thanks. Love the black dining room by the way!

Lee said...

Terri- I couldn't return an email because your profile is activated on Blogger- go turn it on and make it public! :-) Anyway, I painted the wainscoting in the hallway white- looks great. And the wainscoting in the bedroom I painted black- looks awesome!! I'll snap some pics and let you knw so you can see them! The biggest pain in the bedroom, given that we have a 100 year old house, with plaster nad horsehair, is that the edges are uneven, even with taping. However, once I hang curtains, it will be hidden. Our wainscoting had aa bit of a shine to it, so I did prime it first. I had the primer for the bedroom tinted a dark gray. I'll try to do it today!!