Jul 15, 2011

Where Oh Where Art Thou?

Seems my readership is down. No one is stopping by. Wonder why?

Am I boring you? Do I need to write about something else?

Welllllllllllllll, let me see.

Summer is in full swing here. I have tomatoes planted, and some broccoli. But that's about it. Hubby and I wanted to do a big garden this year, but as I'm here mostly by myself, I put the kabash on it.

This when I first planted.

Yes, this is right by the house. My BIL asked me why, with 12 acres, would I plant it there. Easy answer: 1. that's where the water is, and 2. why would I want to walk all over when this is the perfect spot to watch my plants grow. Duh.

Hubby is in NJ at a school for commercial diving. He has been gone almost 6 weeks, and will be done at the end of October. The first few weekends he came home, but has switchedto every two weeks. It's a 9 hour drive, and that's a lot of sore fanny time and gas money for basically a day and half home.
OK, this isn't really what he'll look like in his diving gear. hehehe. This is him in waders at his Dad's in May, putting the dock in.

OF COURSE, it goes without saying, I am glad when he's home, as are the boys. They really miss having Daddy home. Me too. I have become a single mom. I'm taking care of everything. I'm mowing our property (which takes about 4 hours), taking the trash to the dump, doing all of the barn work, PLUS the usual laundry, shopping, cooking and cleaning.

Just between you and me, my shoulders are getting tired of all of the responsibility already. Wow. It's going to be a long 4 months. The hardest part is the constant needs of the boys. There is no down time, no breaks. Plus, I'm swapping daycare twice a week with a friend (thank God or we'd be eating grass for dinner), which means even less free time. Sigh.

I'm hoping the light at the end of the tunnel is a real one and not a train....


Julie C said...

So as I read your post - I am swept away with memories of not too long ago when I was in a new area, no friends, no connections, taking care of the yard (mowing for 4 hours too), the house & all it entails, the children, the meals, the laundry, the cleaning, trying to manage the money, work a part-time job, and with the exception of the barn work you have - pretty much the same issues you are facing. FWIW - because you WILL begin to sink, and that won't be good for you, your family or your health - I sat down and lined out what needed to be done and how to divide and conquer. My children were signed up to do some of the cleaning (bathrooms, vacuuming, sweeping), some of the dishes (one loaded, one unloaded), pet chores, etc. I explained that with Dad gone so much that we all had to pitch in and even though they didn't think it was the greatest thing in the world, I noticed they began to take pride in their accomplishments and jobs well done. (Even if it wasn't to my EXACT standards, they got better over time). I felt like I had some support and help and didn't feel like I had to save the world each and every day. Now my kids are 17 & 13 and they totally understand it and pitch in without being asked, ask if they can help me do something when they see I'm overwhelmed and in general have a better sense of the who's & whats going on around them. I applaud you trying to do it all, but you may be doing your kids a disservice and besides - divide it up - and when hubby DOES come home for a short time you'll be in a better place to enjoy his company and have energy for him. ;-) Love you and hope this lands the way it's intended - full of love and caring and wanting to see you happy & healthy & taking some time for yourself. Julie

she dreams big! said...

We are all still here, reading but maybe not commenting. I think the heat is just too much for us to focus!

Take it easy on yourself. Some things really don't need to be done because they will need to be done again and again. Like dusting! Next year at this time your will wonder what to do with all of your free time! tee!hee!

Oh, and BTW, paint those folding doors the same color as the walls. They will fade right in!

Gigi said...

I've been here - just haven't really been commenting much anywhere lately.

I think the above two comments are pretty much on the mark. You can't do it all so divide and conquer the stuff that HAS to be done and let the rest slide.

As for the veggie patch? That is the PERFECT location for it!

Diane said...

Believe me, I know exactly how you feel. The weird thing is, you get used to it. Every day you will think to yourself "I am so tired, I just want an entire day in bed" all while knowing that it well never happen in a million years. Even if you fall ill while hubby is gone, you must go on! Looking back on deployment, I see myself as the spawn of a robot who mated with a zombie. Always exhausted, but always going through motions! And then it ended and I let myself become a lazy bones for awhile (but I blamed it on pregnancy!) Hang in there cuz!

T's Daily Treasures said...

Sounds like Julie C had some great advice. And believe it or not, you don't have to do it all.
Some things can be left undone. We recently took a trip to Nepal, and when I saw how half the population lives, with barely anything, yet getting up each and every day, doing the same thing over and over and over, I realized that no matter how busy I am, my life is much more comfortable and I do have choices. We are blessed beyond belief and the light is always within us! Have a wonderful day. Tammy

Kelly said...

I think in summer time goes by so quickly and so much to do. I know you will be glad when hubby returns. It does take two. Glad your garden is looking so good.

Debbi said...

Hi Lee! I'm so sorry! I hope you are heartened by the encouragement of the previous letters!
You were the only person who commented, and you sent a hug when I felt like people are mean recently {I have since deleted the post}, that really meant a lot to me. Thank you, again. I'm happily returning it now. (((HUG)))
I get very, very few comments. Recently, one of my posts had 150 or so page loads in a day, {because Amy Powers linked to it} {Don't want you to think that's commonplace for me} with 3 comments. I think all of three commenters were part of the swap. :)
I'm thinking that Summer has something to do with less hits . . . and maybe blog reader etiquette isn't quite what we who post them would like it to be. Some bloggers can post a picture of a rock and get 150 comments! :) It's crazy!
And, hey! My husband is a hardhat diver! Well, he never actually worked in the field, . . .errr . . . water because we live in California, and the minute he finished his training, they slapped a moratorium on off shore drilling, and that's where the work was, at least in California! We were newlyweds with hardly any responsibilities back then . . . and it was still HARD! Ultimately, he has spent his entire working life as a career firefighter, the single Mom thing has always been my gig, too . . . shorter stints than yours.

I love the dreams that you have for your wonderful place! I belong to an art guild that even meets in a barn gallery. I'm sure you know about the sales in Washington at Barn House Boys, and Farm Chicks, you'll be the North-East's! All you need is the vendors! Wish I could come over to play!

Take some time for yourself, Lee! Consider a medicinal dose of yummy dark chocolates with a bubble bath. Love and hugs!

Tam said...

I Lee! Wow summer is almost over here for us and we go back to school Aug 3rd. I have spent most of the summer with NO Computer. In VA at the river we had none of those things and just hung out. HMMM so I have finally got to GA and was catching up on your blog. I am a single married mom full time these days...long story but know how you feel.


Lovey said...

I totally understand Lee...some days are full of friends visiting. Other days not a one. Know that I am here and when you need a friend...I'm are just an email away! Hugs...Lovey