Jul 5, 2011

A Stroll Through My Barn

Summer is finally here in Maine. We're actually hitting the 80s. The great thing about living here is that it still goes into the 60s an night = great sleeping!!

We have a large barn- three storeis, 158 feet long. And that's not counting the mikling parlor. It is a money pit. It leans. It needs a new roof. I really have no idea how we'll ever afford to do it. But, if we don't the barn will continue to deteriotate. Hopefully something will come through... maybe a grant. Maybe an act of God.

 Milking parlor to the left, part of the front of the barn.
Back side
Anyway, I'd like to have a barn sale here some day. Can't you just picture it? Furniture and junk and food and clothes and every little thing you can think of.

We have open stalls

 and closed stalls.
The ponies live here, so technically these probably wouldn't work!
We have three stalls like this that are filled with junk, and one is full of old windows.

Apples for picking and goats for petting (ok, not really, the one bites... but you get the picture.)

 This is an old tub up by the orchard. You can see an apple tree in the background.
Chickens to feed.
Two of these- the speckled ones- are roos! darn.

Fields to wander and flowers to pick.

Would you come?


Gigi said...

Without a doubt I'd be there! It looks fabulous. Do you have a historical society there? Maybe one could help with the renovations?

Lili said...

Oh yes yes yes I would! How I wish I had a barn too! ~Lili

Anne Lorys - Fiona and Twig said...

Wow, what a dream your barn is!
I understand that it's a money pit, it's a shame that we don't have money trees to finance all these projects, isn't it?

I'll be praying that God makes a way. :-)


Kelly said...

Lee, I have major barn envy. Our barn is old and leans. Somone had a bright idea of putting blue roof tiles on one side. It doesn't leak but oh how it needs help. I tell it that I love it and have plans to make it beautiful one day. That is after the tractor is paid off. I have looked into barn renovation grants. Other states have them but not Maine. We are one poor state. I wish our barn was your barns size. Like I said, barn envy.;)