Nov 6, 2011

Bloggy Love Time!! And a Giveaway!

As I have mentioned before, I am a member over at Paper Digital Arts, where I have been involved in the Interpretatiotins mixed media altered page swap. You can look through all of the photos that members have uploaded, and I have to say, that I REALLY love Shannon of Tin Roof Studio. The girl has serious talent.

So I followed her member page over to her blog, which as LOVELY art- and what do I see NADA, NOTHING, NO COMMENTS! Very sad. Very sad.

And then, I find the same thing over at Lynne's Gypsy Art. Great art, no comments. UGH.

So, here's what I'm proposing... head on over, leave a comment on both places, then let me know.

Up for grabs- your choice:

1. a box full of stuff from my stash- to include lace, metal number tags, a vintage laundry pin, maybe a mini-bottle or two, some glass glitter, and tons of other stuff.


2. a rose pin from my etsy store, which can be customized to what you would like.


3. a piece of art, your choice- ATC, 5x7 a la Interpretations pages, or a themed piece.

I'll pick the winner thursday, November 10.





Lili said...

Oh Lee, you are just the sweetest. Have gone over and visited both sites and you are right, beautiful art both places! ~Lili

Terri Kahrs said...

How sweet of your to point us to new artists! I thought it was awesome that Shannon used my little freebie and surrounded her with a ton of luscious color. Her work is stunning, and so is Lynne's. She's doing amazing things with her photo manipulations.

BTW - Thank you for all of your warm wishes! It's so good to be back on-line. I'm not good at handling Matrix deprivation and I'll never take heat and light for granted again! We had absolutely no ice, but the snow was so heavy people will be clearing debris for weeks. ♥ Hugs, Terri xoxo

Shannon said...

Lee, you are just the best! You cannot imagine how I felt earlier when I went to my blog and saw 6 comments. Thanks to everyone that stopped by and to you for posting a link. I love creating and love sharing it with others and am so glad to now have a few followers. Thank you again!

ramsam said...

love the idea! I will head over now. So many gorgeous blogs, so little time...we need to support each other!