Dec 22, 2011

Christmas gifts

As promised, here are the lovely things my pals sent me.

Tammy send me this cool glass carrier. I love it. It could be used for food or crafty goodies. Tammy also makes amazing tags, and this one will join some other ones on my tree.

Ramona sent me a timely box of bath salts, scented soap (vanilla, my fave), some glitter tags and a wall decal.

Thank you SO MUCH, my friends. This Christmas season is proving to be the most difficult yet.

xo Lee


Gigi said...

Of course vanilla is your's mine too! I know it's hard, hang in there girlfriend. We will get through this somehow.

The Other Side of Me said...

Take a hot bath, go play in the studio and call me in the morning!!!

Oh yeah and I forgot to tell you to have a glass of wine while in the bath!

Find a few minutes of peace and solitude.
Missing you.

Love and hugs,