Dec 15, 2011

A Lovely Giveaway!!

So, I'm realizing that I'm sounding quite whiney lately. Things are about the same, but at least hubby is working here and there.

I have received some wonderful stuff in the mail the past week or two. I'd love to show you, but the  camera is dead until the batteries charge. Ahhhh, kids. **I promise, I will add pictures this weekend!!

Anway, Ramona sent me wonderful box of goodies. This is pretty generous for a gal who lost most of her crafting/art supplies in a flooded basement. She is a gem of a blogging friend, and I can sincerely say that I wish I knew her in person!! She's a talented artist and crafter, wonderful mom, and manages to live and breathe her faith, act, run, and be politically active!!

Tammy, my BFF of 30 years, sent me a cool vintage looking glass carrier. It could be used for a ton of things, including drinks!! Tammy is extremely talented. She has this way with paper that I can only dream about. She has perserved through a lot of adversity, and still manages to have a smile on her face (with gorgeous teeth, I might add!) She has moved quite a few times, and manages to make each house a warm and cozy home. Her taste in impeccable, and Tammy is an amazing hostess. SIGH. (Can you tell I miss her??)

I know I've touted her talents many times before, but seriously, you have a chance to win a gorgeous bottle brush tree in her 4 year blogging anniversary (geez, how long have I been blogging...).

Go visit HERE

to win THIS:

And P.S. Katherine is giving this cool stamp set away. If you win it, please share...

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Dorthe said...

Dear Lee,
just wanted to pop over to tell you a merry christmas- and wishes for a very wonderful new year. Hope your week is a good one.