Feb 18, 2012

Alpha CRAZINESS and some goodies, too.

Oh my heavens, the mail I received this week!! I am a member of Paper Digital Arts- you know, where I did the altered book pages... Anyhow, my latest group over there is based on the alphabet. Fearless moderator Shannon (from Tin Roof Studio) hosted a giveaway to kick the group off. And I won!!
So, I expected to get some alpha themed supplies:

UNDERSTATEMENT!! The woman is nuts!! I have more cool things to play with than I can imagine! I won't have to buy any letters anytime soon... and you all know my fetish with letters...

 Stickers, stencils, a journal, brads, ribbons... all kinds of stuff.

I also hosted a supply swap on my blog a few weeks agao. I just matched up whoever was interested. I received a wonderful package from Jean over at Lilac Lane Livery, and she's not even my partner! Jean is also a member over at Paper Digital Arts.

I am a lucky woman! Thanks to both of these generous friends!

Hugs, Lee

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Shannon said...

Love sending great packages, thanks again for all your support of my blog and my art. And yes, Jean is the Queen of random acts of kindness and she is extremely talented and creative. Enjoy!