Feb 13, 2012

Birthday Love

I turned 45 this past Sunday. There. I said it.

I'd be lying to you to say that I didn't wince at that number. I see the changes in my body, my skin, my fitness (dang, gained back the 5 pounds I'd lost!). Oh the gray hair! UGH.

Part of me doesn't care. I'm happy, healthy, have a great husband and two great kids. I have good family and friends. I have a job and a house.

That being said, I was one big grouch this morning. Part fatique, part PMS, part sick-of-doing-dishes syndrome. I warned hubby early on. He rubbed my back and gave me a kiss. I have a cool husband that way.

I went off to run some errands, one of which consists fighting a debit card charge that the fraud unit caught, but somehow got through. From Amsterdam. Right. Anyway, got home to find two lovely packages waiting for me. One was from my BFF Tammy, and the other from my blogging friend Shannon. Tammy sent me a b-day gift, and Shannon sent me an alphabet-themed giveaway box of treasures (I'll blog about that later).

Tammy made me a red and white themed birthday box.

She decorated a woooden box, then filled with with tart tins full of stuff. Have a look!!

The lid was stuffed with tags and stickers, and the most beautiful old postcard.

There was also a handmade bag, with a gorgeous fabric cuff inside.

I can tell you that this almost made me cry. Tammy knows what I love, and the timing couldn't have been better. She put a smile on my face today, and that's the best gift of all.

hugs, Lee


she dreams big! said...

Well Happy Birthday you young kid! Didn't you know that your 40's are the new 30's and when you hit 50 you don't much care anymore and can do whatever you want! Something to look forward to, right?

I'm so glad that you are healthy, happy and have such a great friend to treat you to something special!

kandeland said...

happy day-after-your-birthday Lee! Hey, everyone is telling me the 40's are where it's at, so enjoy it! You look amazing so don't dwell on a number! Great stuff from Tammy...
xoxox nat

cocobonandluce said...

grr..I didnt know...Happy Happy Birthday. You have such a sweet treasure in that best friend of yours!! And I'm not going to lie to you--I hate being in my 40's it blows chunks...the grey hair is the worse part---and we wont talk about where it's starting to crop!! WTF...
Love ya...fabulous loot T sent!!!

Gigi said...

Happy birthday Lee!! I'm right there with you as the 44th is looming.

Funny, but most days I don't feel like an adult...much less one that is in here 40's.

The Other Side of Me said...

Hey Sweetie,

I am so glad you liked everything. 45 isn't so bad, because I am there too. I can't believe it. Where has all that time gone??

Anyway, enjoy all of your goodies.


PS. Wear the cuff with the lace up at the top of your wrist. I find the star hangs better and the lace won't get wet when you wash your hands.