Apr 9, 2012

D E and F

I am still in the Artistic Alphas group over at Paper Digital Arts.
This month's challenge is letters D E and F.

The D's are done.
OK, is it me, or is it a little weird that I picked flames for this one- before the fire??
I did this after finding a picture of a boy leaping, which I printed on cardstock and cut it out and used it as a template. I painted it with black acrylic paint, and although you can's really see it, it gave the figure some texture. Although this is just paint, my Sharpie tended to smear, which I wasn't happy about. Maybe I should use patterned paper for the background instead, but it adds an exptra step to the tag, rather than just being able to paint and bunch and use them when I'm ready. I used a gel pen on the lettters, and again, wasn't very happy with it, so I went over it with white paint. Still not super satisfied with the result.

I wanted to do more stitching on Adam's, but the thread I tried to use was cheap and kept breaking. I find I have to tighten my bobbin a lot, or the bottom thread gets all tangled. This may be adding to the tension, I'm not sure. I may go back and add to this... I wanted to circle the dimple and add a big arrow with a heart, but the reality is I was very frustrated by the time I finished this, so I just left it. The tags are also relatively small, so there isn't a lot of space to work on.

The Es- not so much. I am stuck on E.

The Fs- well, do I have to tell you what Jason's will be?  Adam's- not sure. I know the words will present themselves when ready. Each boy will have a tag book Love A to Z.

Any suggestions?


Gigi said...

E is a hard one, isn't it? How about eternal, ethereal, essential, eclectic.....

Shannon said...

I have 3 girls, so raising boys is a bit of a mystery to me. The first word that comes to mind is Energy. A few weeks ago I saw a really cute scrapbook layout titled Evidence of a boy. That's all I can think of right now. Thanks so much for participating in the challenge, your work is inpiring. Hope all is well.