Jun 12, 2012

Dead Is Dead

I'm sitting here wasting time on the internet when I should be studying. I have ACLS tomorrow (Advanced Cardiac Life Support). I have to recertify every 2 years, so this is what, my sixth time?? You'd think I'd get over the nerves already...

The newer ACLS online course is really hard. I think I killed each of the "patients" at least 10 times before I saved them and moved on to the next one!! hahaha It is incredibly detailed, and stuff you do automatically as a healthcare professional you must check off in the correct order and timely fashion to pass each scenario. Oh, did I mention you have to click back and forth between 4 or 5 tabs... seriously, who thinks this crap up?

The title of my post- dead is dead- is what they teach us in class. Because honestly, if you are coding someone, what you do can't hurt them much more.

So, get out there. Learn basic CPR. If you see someone go down, good CPR is what will save them, otherwise dead is DEAD.

hugs and chest compressions, Lee


Cassie said...

My sister-n-law just re certified her ACLS and she complained of the same thing! Hope you do well:)

Christa said...

And make sure you know where the AEDs are! Good luck with your recertification. I just redid my PALS for the millionth time.