Jun 30, 2012

Blank Soul Book

So, I've gotten a little work done...

I find I am a little nervous to actually DO anything to the pages... that, and I have no pictures of myself to add to the pages. SIGH.

 Old sheet music and scrapbook paper.
 Raw cardboard painted green, dots using paint and stencil.
Vintage wallpaper, fabric.
 Stampington artist paper.
 Artist paper and decorative tape from Stampington.
 Scrapbook paper and fabric.
Painted cardboard, alpha stencils.
 Painted carboard and artist paper.
 White washed paper, fabric, scrapbook paper.
 Decorative tape, fabric, paint samples.
 Unadorned back cover.

Watcha think??


Gigi said...

It's gorgeous!

The Other Side of Me said...

HI Lee,

Your journal came out awesome. I have several that are blank, but I love the way they look and don't want to screw up how pretty they are. I guess I am missing the whole point. Have fun filling the pages.