Jul 7, 2012

It's Official

The house is on the market. After lots of blood, sweat and tears- and some awesome help from my sister, mom, and husband- the house is now on Realtor.com! We're still waiting for the sign for the lawn.

The last week of June, my mom and sister came up. We had one bedroom that was in really rough shape that I didn't have the energy to do. So, hubby patched the plaster, Christine put up textured wallpaper, and I painted. Then we moved furniture. All in all, we knocked it out in about 2 days! Talk about exhausting!


My family left Sunday, and Chris and I cleaned for two days. Like baseboards, windowsills etc. nitty gritty cleaning, due to the fact the photographer was coming on Tuesday. Of course I went overboard, I mean, it's not like you'll see dust in the photos, but part of me felt like it had to be all DONE. The photographer spent about 2 hours here, and the listing went live yesterday.
The new bathroom

There are a few errors in the listing, and I'm sure we can get that straightened out. I'm not overly exctied about the description- are more details better? Or is there a method to saying less? There were also duplicate photos listed, which is a pet peeve of mine. But, the ball is rolling...
Our bedroom

this is a small bedroom off our room, which we have turned into a dressing room.
So, please say a prayer for the house to sell quickly! I'd like toget down to Pa. before school starts.

Hugs, Lee

UPDATE- we booked our first showing after just one day on the market, and not even a sign out yet. Let's hope this is a sign of things to come!!


Gigi said...

It looks great. Sending lots and lots of prayers your way.

Thelma said...

All of your hardwork and talent shows....the house looks great! I'm totally in love with the bathroom it is out of a magazine gorgeous!

Thinking of you as your go through the next phase and close this chapter. I'm sure it leaves you all with wonderful memories and a lot of valuable lessons....You are officially DIY experts for sure!!!!

Looking forward to celebrating the sale of the Maine home and a homecoming to Pennsylvania! Cannot wait to have you back home!!!!


Anonymous said...

I am a friend of Thelma's. Your house looks lovely, good job on the makeover. Bury a statue of St. Joseph near the For Sale sign. You can find the instructions on the internet. Good Luck.

Cassie said...

I will say lots of prayers to St. Joseph for you:) And the house looks really great - hope you are doing well. (I know very well how stressful it is to sell a house when you really want to be somewhere by a certain time)

Shannon said...

It looks beautiful, love, love, love the bathroom. Keeping my fingers crossed and saying many prayers. Hope it sells quickly for you. Take care.