Jul 17, 2012

One, Two, Three

After finally getting our house on the market, we have collectively given a BIG sigh of relief...

I have begun to work on my Soul Book. Problem is... I packed about 95% of my supplies. So, I'm working with a very limited supply of stuff. However, I must say that it has forced me to be creative and work with the things I have at hand. Here are the first three pages:

Before and After

The left hand page has layers of paint- I had to re-do it a few times. First I shaded the rose with a burnt umber- yech..... wrong color. Then I tried a black Stabilio pencil, too dark... Then I washed over with creamy white Glimmerz watercolor- not impressed with that stuff and it is expensive... Then, a color of plain ol' white paint- prefect!

Before and after
 The is raw carboard, with a little paint on the right. I probably should have put some matte medium on it, but I liked the raw feel.
However, you can see how the green Sharpie marker bled on the cardboard...

Before and After
 I really disliked the right hand border of rose fabric. I liked the idea- but not the end result! The background paper is vintage wallpaper, which made it possible for me to use an exacto knife and carefully cut through the fabric and cut if off. Voila!

My shirt in this photo did not match the overall color scheme. So, I sprayed the photo with matte fixative, and then painted over it. That, and my arm is missing... so I painted a pretend one! The butterflies are cut our of wallpaper. I would LOVE a butterfly punch this size- so let me know if you have one or know of one!



ramsam said...

love the step by steps- gotta get working on mine. You are alays inspiring!

Cassie said...

Beautiful! Love the way you had to use what you had on hand. I know I have several go to items that I just use in everything - maybe I should pack them away, that would force me to use something different. Saying prayers that your house sells soon - have a great week.