Nov 26, 2012

Thanksgiving- a little late.

Ther are many things to be thankful for this season- my job, having health insurance, healthy kids, loving parents, siblings, in-laws, co-workers who get me through the day... The house finally SOLD!

I worked a lot, missed the kids and hubby this weekend, but am thankful for the leftovers that I just had for breakfast (shhhhhhhhhhh. I am known to eat weird stuff for breakfast.. but hey, if it's hot and yummy, who cares?!)

So, here are a few pictures to share. (I am in serious need of fillers and botox to fix that frown line!)

Adam giving a new meaning to "dirt nap." He fell asleep on the front lawn about 2 weeks ago.

Family photos:

So, now on to the task of changing drivers licenses, insurance, and tags. What a pain!

Then, Christmas shopping!! Any of you done yet?? DO tell me your best bargains!

Hugs, Lee


The Other Side of Me said...

Hey Lee,

The pictures of you guys look great. Good Christmas Card material!!!! Hope you had a great day. Glad the house is done and over with.


Gigi said...

Great pictures! And bless his little heart, how tired he must have been to fall asleep like that!

Christmas shopping finished? You must be joking; I just got started!

Although.....just between you and me, I DID score a fabulous deal on a gorgeous pair of boots for me on Friday.

Shannon said...

Great photos, what a beautiful family.

lfoster said...

I don't even recognize you!! Congrats on the house.