Dec 12, 2012


Where the heck has the time gone??

Well, let me fill you in. First, I have been seriously going through creative withdrawal! I had all of these idea for Christmas gifts, ornaments, etc.... Whoooooooooosh- right out the window they went. Nothing accomplished. Nada.

The reality is, I won't do much until we buy a house. It's just I need quiet time and the ability to spread out to get anything done. So, I'll keep reading my Somerset Studio and drool.

The kids are adjusting. Jason may have ADD. He tends to wander around in class during free time. He does just fine one on one and in small groups, though. I'm not sure what to do to help him. I'm just glad he's in a small charter school.

Adam is doing well, except suffice it to say we're having bathroom issues... like holding issues. KWIM?? Add that to a fever and cold = one ugly picture. Miralax daily anyone??

Everyone in the household is sick, which landed my Mom is the hospital until about 10 minutes ago. COPD is unforgiving. So, if you smoke, try to quit. And keep trying. Over and Over. Because Miss COPD will bite you in the proverbial @ss one day.

Best of all- the boys have lice. Seriously. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. We have never had this issue, and I wouldn't have even had known to look except that last week, when I picked up son #2 with a fever from school, I heard the school nurse talking to a parent on the phone about it. I looked online for images and info, then when looking in the boys' hair. Yup. Lice. Oh- and that was Sunday. Monday I spent the day in the ER with Mom (see above), waited until she was admitted, then had a job interview at 1 p.m. at the same place. In my barn clothes. With no makeup on. SIGHHHHHHHHHHHH.

So, two shaved heads  and two doses of Nix, we still have live ones every day. I had to go out and buy a magnifying lamp so I can see the damned things. And then I nit-pick- literally.

The good news is, while I may be going blind trying to see lice, I will have a cool lamp to use when I make something crafty. Someday. Maybe.


Lisa said...

a day in the life right? we went through the miralax thing when my son was young... he's 13 now and it all seems so long ago. I had the pleasure of experiencing lice when I was in high school..mortified and horrified... but that too passes :) which is how everyone gets it!! hang in there Lee and I hope your mom is ok... my mom is 83 and has been through the same ...smoked her whole life and has finally quit because she can't drive to buy them and is losing her memory. It really takes a toll on ones' body.. can't understand why anyone would do that to their body!

kandeland said...

OOOHH boy! you've been busy alright! and some not-so-fun-things are keeping you on your toes I see! Hang in there Lee! xo

The Other Side of Me said...

Holy SHit?1? This is just crazy and you still sound so sane. I would be crying by now. Hope the boys and your Mom recover soon.

Missing you,