Dec 16, 2012

Love and Despair

I didn't know what to title this post. I'm not sure what to say. With yet another school shooting, there is much grief this season.

So much grief in the time of year when we celebrate the amazing gift our Lord gave to us, his only begotten Son. And yet, in Connecticut, there are parents suffering the most horrendous loss one can imagine. Or can't imagine, really. I can't even wrap my head around it. I can't watch it. It makes me cry.

I am sad for those kids and adults who were shot down. I am sad for the shooter, such a sad and lost soul. It seems like just another example of mental health issues that could not be treated. Or were not addressed for lack of funding or availability.

And yet, imagine all those souls, bathing in the glory of God! I imagine their guardian angels, lined up, waiting to embrace their souls. I imagine God welcoming them home. Not just the victims, but the shooter also. In my heart of hearts, I know this is what happened. I know these children and adults are just fine. I can only hope that someday their parents and families will know this too. In this great sea of despair, I know God can bring them comfort.

I will hug my bristly, shaved head boys today. I will kiss my husband. I will tell my parents and siblings how much I love them.

I will continue to pray for all those involved in the shooting. The children, the adults, their families. I pray for the soul of the shooter too. For his father and brother. They all need it. We all do.

I will pray for an intelligent and tolerant discourse on gun control. The right to bear arms doesn't neccesarily need to be a free-for-all. It can be intelligently and thoughtfully done.

Hugs, Lee

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