Dec 28, 2012

Blog hopping and old dreams

My mom's computer was having issues, so we packed it up and took it to be looked at. Which meant I brought out my laptop, which has been packed since August. On it, amongst other things, I found all of my favorite bookmarked blogs.

I spent a good portion of today and yesterday getting caught up. Plowing through tons of posts and photos. Ooooing and ahhhhing at the homes and crafts and art. I sighed a BIG sigh.

A few years ago Tammy and I started an Etsy shop and a blog. I had big dreams of a great online following, selling treasures I found, and having a blog with a 1000 readers. Tammy and I hit the Farm Chicks show and our dreams got even bigger. But, selling on Etsy was hard then (even harder now with the RIDICULOUS number of resellers on there- not even vintage or remotely handmade). I scoured flea markets and thrift stores, got a stock pile together, planned on a website, an LLC... and then... life got in the way. Things that I loved didn't sell. We moved to Maine. There wasn't as much time or energy to really get anything off the ground. I closed the Etsy shop. I sold some stuff, other stuff went to Good Will before the recent move back to Pennsylvania.


Looking through these blogs gives me the urge again. Sort of. I acknowledge that getting an internet business off the ground takes a lot of work. Daily posts, connecting, networking, giveaways and all that stuff. Branding yourself, finding a niche. I don't know what mine would be these days... I am so OVER the white trend, the "French is better than everything" theme, the blogs that do nothing but repost other people's photos (and get tons of attention and comments). I don't get it.


But, and there is a but, the urge is there. To go thrifting and searching and hoarding. I love old stuff, old bits of metal and paper and books. Buttons and ribbons and old photos. I still have visions of a general store, with boxes and jars filled with all kinds of mixed media junk. Ack!! it's a sickness!!

So tell me, what kind of shop would you start? What kind of shop do you wish you could find? What would you buy and sell? Do tell.


kandeland said...

Happy post-Christmas Lee!~ I hear ya- things are different these days. I also had that spark to make things to sell but I'm afraid that spark has fizzled. And so has my shopping. I used to buy things on etsy all the time but now I just don't care to or prioritize my money that way anymore. I'm sure there are tons of people still buying, but I don't know how one shop can stand out successfully among others these days. I think if you just do what you love and find that niche, then it may become a natural progression. For me in these overblown-out times on the internet I choose to just make myself happy with creating on my own terms and posting on my blog as a record for myself. And as you know, even that can be difficult when life gets in the way! Good luck to your creative spirit in 2013! xo nat

Lili said...

Hi Lee!! I too am totally smitten with having my own shop. I am such a collector (hoarder) and I have to learn to let things go...but oh they are all so pretty! ha! The winter time is the time to dream again for spring and figure out what it is you want to do. Take care my friend! xo