Apr 27, 2013


Last weekend was our first show of the season. It was a small, cut-down-the-costs, show-off-the-trailer, no ribbons kind of show. It was amazingly sunny out- and just as COLD!! We spent the full day outside- due to some verrrrrrry slow judges- and came home sunburned and windburned!

The first show is always kind of tough. Both the ponies and the kids were jittery. Jason rodes his cousin Matthew's pony Judge in the walk class. Jusge wasn't exactly cooperative, and Jason came out very frustrated, and quickly burst into tears. It was tough to see his heart break.

What he didn't unterstand is, as green as he is, he did a really good job with Judge. He received high praises from all of us, including one of his riding intructors. He got lots of hugs and kisses too.

I know how he felt. I used to have the same kind of temperament- type A all the way. I would get very upset if my ride wasn't perfect.

It is a hard lesson to teach anyone, especially kids. I wanted him to understand that he tried hard and did well- and that's the important part. Ribbons are not the end goal.

I'm not sure he beleived me, but I hope to keep working on that lesson. Try hard. Laugh at the bad days. And keep going!


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