Feb 28, 2008

Before and After

I recently purchased an old mug stand from a thrift store (you can see it a couple of posts down). No way to tell how old it is, but it was in good shape, made of solid wood, and no cracks or anything.

I decided to recycle it and gave it a good sanding, some creamy paint, and then distressed it.

Doesn't it look great? Right now it has Easter eggs on it, but just think of the possibilities- jewelry, ornaments from any holiday, little pictures- or even mugs!! hehehe

Tammy and I are working on putting an online shop together, and this little treasure will be available there soon. Please go check out our new joint ventures- our Birds of a Feather blog, and our two shops at ecrater and Etsy. If you're interested in this mug stand before it hits the market, let me know. And if you have any ideas of products you'd like to see, but just can't seem to find anywhere, give us a shout. We might just have it in our stash!

hugs- Lee


Rose Garden Romantic said...

The mug stand would be a good way to display so many things! Great idea!

The Other Side of Me said...

This project came out great, Lee. I have it posted on our Etsy Shoppe. I have to find one for me to have. I love the idea of hanging goodies on it all year round.

Paula said...

Fabulous recycling. I have a wooden one too but mine houses my mugs neatly in the corner of my very small workspace. Honest I have a 24 ft by 10ft kitchen & barely a place to out anything!!!
I rent so can't do anything about it.

Sea Angels said...

Hello Lee, I have just seen your award, how lovely for you to receive it, I am so pleased for you. What a differance your paint has made to the mug tree, it looks so pretty all dressed up.
Have a great week.
Lynn xx