Feb 15, 2008

Happy Days- birthday and Valentine's

Ok, so I'm a day or two late. But, Happy Valentine's Day to all of you out there! I hope you enjoyed the day. It can be a little bit of a let down, no? My husband and I don't go all out for this day. Usually, a card and some candy will suffice. This Valentine's day was different. I woke up an came down to find ROSES- and candy and a card. I love roses.

Chris also gave me a wonderful Pandora bracelet! It had and "I Love You" charm for us, and 2 birthstone charms for the boys. My sisters got me charms for my brththday, which is on the 12th. Terry picked out a teapot, and Christine chose a silver shoe. So sweet! Of course, now I all I want to do is go buy a lot of charms! My mom got me a cool 10 drawer organizer for my art supplies.

So, my birthday was on the 12th. It's official- I'm in my 40's!! Part of me shudders at the thought, part of me could care less. The gray hair I could do without. And the cellulite. And the need for glasses. Blech. But I am definitely on top of my game. I am happy with my marriage, my family, my career, and most certainly my artsy adventures.
Speaking of which... my BFF Tammy sent me some awesome stuff for my birthday. The pictures aren't great- but man, they totally rock! (I really need to get my scanner up and working). I got Tammy hooked on scrapbooking when her daughter was born. But Tammy has taken the ball and RUN with it. Her craftiness and artfulness are outstanding. Go check her out! She sent me a wonderful hanging/b-day card, and she PAINTED a cool painting for me, with a skirt full of sentiment. She rocks, huh?


The Other Side of Me said...

Hey, Sounds like you had and awesome birthday and Valentine's Day.

The blog looks great. Awesome job on your first banner!

Del said...

Happy Birthday Lee! Good Luck with your new Blog site ... love your banner.

red tin heart said...

Happy Birthday Lee! That is wonderful that he went all out. Very nice. You deserve it you are a good woman. love nita